1988 Fender Stratocaster1988 Fender Stratocaster

Grafitti Yellow

1988 Graffiti Yellow American Standard Stratocaster I bought this guitar in North Vancouver at Calder Music in the summer of 1989. It has been in storage for 15 years. My main guitars are now Basses. I have sold all my guitars except this one and a 2014 Les Paul Melody Maker. It has been hanging in my studio for a long time. It has never been on the road. The time has come to let it go! Now there seems to be a lot of conflicting information about this particular color Strat. The Jeff Beck story or myth is common knowledge. You can check it out at http://xhefriguitars.com/page2.html I know my headstock serial number matches up with the necks used on the Jeff Beck “prototypes”. The stamp at base of neck is a manufacture date of October 13 1988. The color is consistent with the years of manufacture – they only made it from ’87 to ’89 I believe – correct me if I am wrong. The guitar is also rare because I have not been able to find a Graffiti Yellow 88 Standard Strat. All I can find are Start Plus. Mine has the standard Fender pick ups (see pictures of pickup numbers) and not the Lace pick ups. However, my Strat also has the Sperzel locking machine heads consistent with the Plus. It also has the TBX on the lower tone pot, again, consistent with the Plus. I made some modifications back in 1990: the bridge pickup is a D’marzio split single/humbucker switchable with the middle tone pot (see picture). I also installed a graphite nut and saddles. It actually stays in tune quite well for a Strat when you use the whammy bar. I could get through some Van Halen tunes and stay in tune!! It was the 80’s!! I put black knobs and a mother of pearl pick guard on also. Bottom line: This is a RARE 1988 Grafitti Yellow American Standard Strat. However, I don’t know why it came without Lace pickups but did come with TBX and Sperzel Machine Heads????!!! My local Fender dealer puts it all down to the CBS takeover, etc.? I have the original case, but it is banged up as I used it for other Strats. The case in the pictures is brand new and is included in price. Of course email me with questions if you are interested. Once sold, it’s sold….No Returns. Shipping can be discussed once a deal is agreed upon. I know shipping outside of Canada could be well over $150. Let me know your ZIP/Postal Code, City and Country and we can work out a shipping deal that can work for both of us. Please email me with questions or if you want more pictures. Thanks