Fender Stratocaster Fsr 60's Reverse Headstock Hendrix Olympic White With CaseFender Stratocaster Fsr 60's Reverse Headstock Hendrix Olympic White With Case

This is a 2006 limited edition Fender 60′s Reverse Headstock Stratocaster in near-perfect condition. Apparently they wanted to do another Hendrix Voodoo Strat, but couldn’t get permission from the Hendrix folks so they ended up with calling it a “60′s Reverse”strat. Everything is original on this guitar, but i misplaced the back plate. The pickguard is a single ply and came new with a little lift (pictured). And it comes with a SKB made Fender branded molded hard case. This guitar has a couple interesting features that make it unique. First, it came with a set of Fender Custom Shop ’69 pickups. The original pickguard features a reverse-angled bridge pickup. This, along with the backwards string lengths because of the reverse neck, creates a tone that is closer to Hendrix’s than a traditional strat might be. The condition is very clean. There are some marks on the pickguard, because this guitar does get played often. I’ve been watching these on Ebay for the past few months to get an idea of what it might be worth, and although they don’t show up often, when they do they’re typically listed at around $1100 or more. So, make me an offer and you can get this great guitar at a great price.