Fendr Usa Straocaster Sienna Sunburst Body No ReserveFendr Usa Straocaster Sienna Sunburst Body No Reserve

Fender USA Stratocaster Sienna Sunburst Body No Reserve! You know the guitars the highly coveted Sienna’s are considered the best sounding of all of the Stratocasters and they are right. In fact a high end guitar tuning company years ago called HSSO bought a few and put their direct path high end design and sound to them by bypassing all of the pots for a direct purist connection. In other words the highest and most powerful level signal ever possible. They succeeded with flying colors. Anyway this is the body from that exact series, and as you can see it’s in real good condition it does have the obligatory Fender neck check one side only and in finish only, it’s from having a well made tight neck pocket. You don’t want to make a sonically superior guitar without a tight neck pocket so they go hand in hand. We also have the original Fender USA neck up which is also in great condition. Also the original neck plate and even the HSSO loaded pickguard with high end pickups already installed and ready to rock. FREE! Sellers: Add a FREE map to your listings. FREE!