Gt Br-1 , 6-string Custom Guitar HandmadeGt Br-1 , 6-string Custom Guitar Handmade

Normal 0 This auction is for the GT BR-1 guitar. This is the most unique guitar in my collection, and the hardest to build. I think I put somewhere around 120 hours into this thing by the time it was finished. The body consists of a Northern Ash framework with 18 gauge antique brass on top and back. This design is technically a semi-hollow body, but you wouldn’t know it by the weight. At 8.5lbs, it’s probably the most solid hollow-body guitar ever built. The brass plate came from a church that was being dismantled. My guess is that it was there for almost 100 years. I built the body frame so the brass would be arched from side to side, both on the front and back. This puts the brass plates under tension and creates a remarkable tone and resonance. Both front and back panels are vented to allow the brass to vibrate properly. The design on the back is etched into the metal, not painted on. I went with a nice vintage double cutaway shape and a classic overall style. The brass is coated with polyurethane clear-coat to prevent unwanted corrosion and fingerprints. The neck is a hand made GT bolt-on unit, hard maple with a Gabon Ebony fingerboard and 21 medium jumbo frets. The dots are little red reflectors, my own invention. The 2-point tremelo is a no-name unit that is very heavy-duty and works great. The strings can be put in through the bottom or the top. I didn’t want to cut an access hole in the back plate to get to the trem springs for adjustment so I invented an external adjustment system. At the bottom of the body is a small knob that can adjust the trem tension for different string gauges, or for quick tuning of all strings as they get loose from bending, a real time saver when playing. It can also be used to lock-down the trem when not being used. I made up some custom GT pickups that get just the right sound for this guitar. The single coil neck unit is a 5k neodymium , and the bridge pup is an over-wound alnico v humbucker with a brushed nickel cover. While this guitar maybe just a cool collector’s piece to some people, it is also very playable and great sounding. It’s a little heavy but no more that some vintage mahogany guitars. If you have any questions about how this guitar was built, please feel free to ask. I will answer all questions promptly and honestly. This guitar will be shipped in a custom hard case and will include all documentation. This is a one-off custom guitar and will never be copied or duplicate by GT, and I doubt that anyone else will even try. It is hand-made and may not be cosmetically perfect, buy I guarantee that it is built right and will play beautifully for many, many years. This is a premium quality guitar and it is built to be played. The tone and performance are as good as the looks. I have prepared a video demo so you can see and hear the BR-1 in action. The link for the video will be at the end of this ad. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding. / / · Specifications * · GT BR-1 6-string guitar · Length 38.5in. · Weight 8.5lbs · Body semi-hollow / ash frame · With antique brass top & back · Neck bolt-on / c-shape / maple · Fingerboard Ebony / compound radius · 25.5” scale / 21 med. Jumbo frets & brass nut · Tuners cast / open-back / chrome · Bridge Heavy-duty tremelo / top feed · With external tension adjuster · Pickups 1 alnico v humbucker / 1 neodymium single coil Set-up is 9-42 or 10-46 Strings Shipping to lower 48 states only. No international shipping. Payment must be made within 4 days.