Guild Ap Artist Award Hand Built Archtop Dearmond Solid Spruce MapleGuild Ap Artist Award Hand Built Archtop Dearmond Solid Spruce Maple

Used 2013 Acoustic Electric Guild US American Patriarch Artist Award Right-Handed Righty, RH 6 string Guild ebony compensated archtop Antique Burst maple/ walnut Vintage U 24.75″ scale length Grover Imperial frets S DeArmond 1000 “Rhythm Chief” Floating Archtop Pickup GUILD AP ARTIST AWARD HAND BUILT ARCHTOP DeARMOND SOLID SPRUCE MAPLE – SKU: 1173012 Questions? – Description | About Us | Free Shipping & Free Return Shipping At Music Store Live we’re all musicians like you, and we know how hard it can be to afford all the gear that you want and need. We encourage you to make us an offer. Often times, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Additionally, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding financing options. We’ll do everything we can to help get that next piece of gear into your hands. Music Store Live is proud to be an authorized Guild dealer. We do our best to keep a nice inventory of Guild on hand, so be sure to check it all out. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, get in touch! We have a great relationship with Guild, so we can place custom orders quickly and easily. Send us a message and we’ll cut you a deal! Player’s Perspective Music Store Live is proud to present this Guild American Patriarch Artist Award! This Guild Artist Award might be the best new archtop we’ve had in the shop. This guitar’s peers are not other hollow body guitars but rather high-end, hand built orchestral instruments. There is a perfectly balanced acoustic quality to this instrument – both aesthetically and sonically – that can’t be faked: It’s the kind of feel and sound that happens only when a small team of incredibly talented luthiers hand-builds an instrument. First things first: This guitar is the epitome of what a good archtop should sound like. It’s really an acoustic instrument that can be amplified rather than an electric hollow body guitar. Unplugged, this guitar is louder, woodier and more articulate than most high-end acoustic guitars. Single note lines have a way of leaping off the fretboard, just bright enough to really speak and just dark enough to have that unmistakable hollow body warmth. Chords remain clear in every register and the separation is immaculate, perfect for solo jazz playing. If you’ve played any of the purely acoustic archtops that Gibson built in the ’40’s and ’50’s, it’s similar to that kind of sound, but louder. Plugged in, it’s the same thing, just with more volume. The neck is full and round, with ’50’s beefiness all over it. It’s comfortable in every register and has a way of disappearing when you’re trying to grab chords with big reaches. The construction is immaculate – not one cut or angle could be any better. It’s almost impossible to get an archtop perfect, but Guild has managed to do it. If you’re in the market for a high-end, American made, hand built hollow body guitar, you need to check this out. Feel free to give us a call to chat about this one more. Item Details This Guild American Patriarch Artist Award has a carved solid spruce top with a carved solid flame maple back and laminated figured maple sides. Solid tops and backs give archtops a characteristic woodiness that tons of players hunt down. And since the pickup floats above the top rather than sitting in it, there’s not an extra hole to compromise the vibrations of the spruce. This is one of the reasons this guitar sounds as good as it does. At 3.125″ body depth and 17″ lower bout length, this guitar is on the bigger side. The vintage soft “U” shape neck is a 5-piece maple/walnut combination, and it features an ebony fretboard with 20 frets and a 10″ radius. The inlays are two-tone Mother of Pearl/abalone blocks. The 24.75″ scale length and 1.627″ nut width creates an easy, natural feel. The pickup is a DeArmond 1100 “Rhythm Chief” floating pickup, and there’s only one knob – volume. This guitar is responsive enough that your fingers function as the only tone knob. There is a compensated ebony bridge, Grover Imperial Die-Cast tuners and a bone nut. Instruments like this are rare. If you’re looking for the last archtop you’ll ever need to buy, give us a call. We’d love to chat more about this guitar. Overall Condition This Guild American Patriarch Artist Award is in excellent condition. There is some finish checking by the treble side F-Hole and below the nut. Both are extremely minimal and don’t affect tone, playability or longevity in any way. Here’s a chance to get one of the nicest archtops on the market for a killer price! We’ve also added rubber grommets to the pickup dowel to reduce microphonics.Because it is used, no Guild warrantee applies. However, Music Store Live will stand behind the instrument with its own 1 year warrantee. Additionally, Music Store Live offers a bulletproof 14 day return policy. We’ll even cover the return shipping if you’re not happy with the instrument! Specs Guild American Patriarch Artist Award Hand-Built in New Hartford, CT Carved Solid Spruce Top Laminated Flame Maple Sides Carved Solid Flame Maple Back 3.125″ Body Depth 17″ Lower Bout Body Binding: Ivory White with Multiple Black/White Purfling 5 Piece Maple/Walnut Neck Vintage Soft “U” Neck Profile Ebony Fretboard Vintage Two-Tone Mother-Of-Pearl/Abalone Block 10″ Fretboard Radius 20 Vintage Style Frets DeArmond 1100 “Rhythm Chief” Floating Archtop Volume Knob Scale Length 24 3/4″ Bone Nut Nut Width 1.627″ Guild Compensated Ebony Bridge with Ebony Base Grover Imperial Die-Cast Tuners Gold Hardware Guild Original Hard Shell Case Our in house guitar tech has inspected, tested, and cleaned all of our instruments on site prior to shipping. All of our instruments are guaranteed to be fully functional upon arrival. Questions? – Watch to learn why you can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE from MusicStoreLive. At Music Store Live, our goal is to revolutionize the way gear is bought online. It’s not just about videos and know how; it’s about the person on the other end of the line. Whether you are in Tokyo or Toledo, we invite you to experience the reality of a living online music store and help us shape the best buying experience possible. As you’ll see in the video below, we’re musicians just like you. We strive to offer the best gear with the best online experience, and the best personalized service in the industry. We strive to offer the best gear, the best online experience, and the best personalized service in the industry. Meet the Team! Andy Kuzmin – Guitar Sales Specialist When MSL was still just a two-man operation, Andy worked the counter at our local UPS drop-off. One lonely day, we started chatting with Andy. One thing led to another, we got some drinks, things got hazy, and before we both knew what was happening, Andy woke up at MSL. Since then, he’s been nothing but open, friendly and responsive to our customers. His philosophy is simple – he’s a fellow player first and the guy selling you a guitar second. That rare musician in whom staggering technique and unadulterated humility coexist, Andy shreds prog-fusion style at bars and clubs around Burlington almost nightly. Brian Harris – Bass Guitar Sales Specialist Brian was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a teenager, he moved to New York City and quickly became immersed in the music scene by spending time with his dad and uncle, both horn players. When his father went on tour as lead trumpet player for Tower of Power, Brian became infatuated by the unmistakable, incredibly unique and infectiously booty shaking grooves of Rocco Prestia. He picked up a bass guitar at 14 and hasn’t been able to put it down since. Some other monumental influences have been James Jamerson, Jaco, Marcus Miller, the one and only Bootsy Collins and Stanley Clarke. Dan Davine – Guitar Sales Specialist After seven years in Brooklyn as a professional drummer, guitarist and banjo player, Dan moved to Vermont and joined the MSL team. He’s been on plenty of tours with a whole array of bands, and he’s worked as a recording engineer at Mighty Toad Studios in Brooklyn. He’s got enough ears and musical intuition to help you find the perfect guitar, even from thousands of miles away. He’s a cheery presence in the office and has refreshingly unfussy musical taste – he’ll listen to and play just about anything. Derek Freeburn – Guitar Sales Specialist Derek was in Vermont for a good seven years before he met fellow sales specialist Andy Kuzmin. They became friends, formed a prog-rock quartet a la Umphrey’s McGee and started rocking out several nights a week. It was during a particularly heated live exchange of modal insight that the idea to join MSL’s sales team popped into Derek’s mind. He joined; we rejoiced. As an avid gear nut, Derek enjoys helping you hunt down the right sound. Paul Comegno – Head Luthier/ Guitar Tech We’ve all had the seizure-inducing experience of leaving our favorite guitar in the care of a tech who we know nothing about. Paul started experiencing this sort of thing when he was 15, so his reaction was simple: I’ll fix the damn thing myself. Since then, Paul has worked on thousands of guitars, completed the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and built quite a few instruments himself. All of his work reflects the same maddeningly precise attention to detail. If Paul’s worked on it, it plays and intonates perfectly. Paul plays around Burlington regularly with his danger-rock band Rough Francis. Autumn Furtak-Cole – Guitar Tech If you’re like most musicians, you’re a bit weary on the whole let-a-stranger-mess-with-my-gear thing. Trust us on this one: You want Autumn working on your guitar before you get it. Cool-headed, quick to offer help and wise beyond his years, he’s got the hands of a surgeon and the patience of a monk. Vintage recording gear holds his interest as much as music – he’s usually laying down tracks in his home studio on old-school analog tape recorders when he’s not setting up your next guitar. Ben Werlin – Managing Partner Ben studied music business at the University of Miami and met Jeff Santoro shortly after. The two quickly became business partners and started making things happen. They’d been working on projects together for eight years before the idea of MSL came into view as the sun set on Yosemite National Park one crisp fall evening. Yes, it actually happened that way. Ben and Jeff did some research, put a team together and started buying and selling their favorite things: guitars. A player of the Scofield/Anastasio/Krasno persuasion, Ben is on a mission is to help you find great tone. His springer spaniel Charlie is on a mission to harass all of the delivery people. Jeff Santoro – Partner/Director of Operations Hailing from the yonder hills of Saranac Lake, this bass player’s muse brought him to Burlington when he moved his band here and started a local record label. Shortly after, he met Ben Werlin, and the two developed a habit of entrepreneurial wizardry. The name Santoro derives from the Latin word “sanctus,” which means saint, and we can assure you that Jeff couldn’t have a more appropriate last name. He’s kind of like the tonal center of day-to-day office life: We’re constantly referring to Jeff, trying to remember where he is and leaning on him for help with more complicated things. Bob Wagner – Video Demos, Writer Imagine if the lovechild of Ray Charles and Carmen McRae was raised in New Orleans. This person could open for Bob Wagner. He moved up here from New Jersey a few years back and got a degree in jazz performance from Johnson State College. He fell in love with Vermont, so he stayed here and became a regular in the Burlington music scene. He has blues in his blood, he loves avocadoes, and he looks kind of like Van Gogh’s Apollonian brother. Derek Trucks, Jimmy Herring, Trey and David Gilmour continue to influence and inspire Bob – you’ve probably heard a few nods to all of them in some of his video demos. He’s been writing and performing like mad with everyone around town, which might be why he strolls in around noon most days. Al Teodosio – Writer After graduating with a degree in English and music, Al spent the next few years mumbling at his shoes in response to the semi-rhetorical question, “But what does one do with a degree in music and English?” As a full-time writer at MSL, he now answers this same question with vengeful aplomb. Few things compete with music and words for Al’s attention, but some of them include fresh tea, roasted garlic and the subtle mannerisms of waterfowl. (Have you seen the way a common mallard will scratch its face with its foot?) He digs the music of Ligeti, Bill Evans, Arvo Part, Meshuggah and Bucky Pizzarelli. Ali Brown – Social Media/Admin Ali’s been involved with music since her days in the Philly electronic music scene. She came to Vermont a few years ago and found exactly what she was looking for – a growing music company with some potential. As a vocalist and pianist, her secondary role at MSL is to remind the staff that the musical world does not revolve around the guitar. She has a refined ear with musical interests neither obscure nor inaccessible: She digs The Cinematic Orchestra, Madlib, Massive Attack, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, among others. Steve Liable – Photographer The only thing that Steve tolerates less than mediocre photography is music without soul. He’s been with MSL since way back in the day when the company holiday party consisted of little more than a box of frozen Thin Mints and a set of felt reindeer antlers on the head of Charlie, Ben Werlin’s springer spaniel. He’s a self-taught photographer and a self-taught blues singer with a knack for bending notes and playing with light. He digs Gov’t Mule, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, The Allman Brothers and Floyd, among others. Adam Ferguson – Photographer Pictures and sound have long inspired Adam to create music and take photographs. A native of Vermont, he moved out West a few years back and got realistic about his passions by recording an album and taking photography classes at Santa Monica. He’s back in Vermont these days and combines his interests by photographing guitars for MSL. A diehard John Frusciante fan, Adam has a natural intolerance of prideful art, which contributes to his humble and focused creative energy. He loves cashews and he looks kind of like a cross between an owl and a lemur. Derek Virta – Shipping Derek started performing in Boston when he was 16, and he liked it enough to study jazz performance for a bit at The Hartt School with Jackie McLean. A handful of years later, he began touring and played everywhere from LA to Dresden with a number of Chicago-based bands. In a strange turn of events and in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, he put the music gig on hold and got really into bike racing and kale lemonade. He recently came back to Vermont, and after several years away from “the business,” he’s happy to be involved with music again. Derek’s nonpartisan musical taste encompasses Om, Bill Evans, Neurosis and Charles Mingus. Tony Murphy – Shipping A recent addition to the team, Tony Murphy is a Vermont native who’s been playing in bands for most of his life. He has a gentle demeanor, honest eyes and a collection of factory-defect vintage pencil sharpeners. Tony’s favorite vegetable is corn, but only if it’s on the cob. Though he claims to be a dog person, Tony has yet to win the heart of Charlie, our owner’s Welsh Springer Spaniel. He’s a Leo, but get a few drinks in him and you’d swear he’s a Cancer. Tony, on the other hand, is a Capricorn. Mike Antoine – Chief Technology Officer Mike was at Montreal’s Jazz Fest a few years back when he bumped into Ben Werlin, a stranger at the time. The two started chatting about music, and they soon got around to the topic of how Ben’s start-up music company needed a good web person. Mike is now our go-to web guy, and since our company is almost entirely online, he wields a dictatorial amount of power. He has multiple computers, five screens and many cameras. He’s probably watching you right now. Luckily, he digs bossa nova, so he’s too chill of a guy to abuse his power. Nathan Steinbauer – Video Producer A long-time friend of tech Paul Comegno, Nate joined the team at the end of 2012. Nate has many things: a slow and relaxed gait, enchanting blue eyes, a love of walnuts and several pairs of homemade jean shorts. Turns out Nate also has over a decade of video experience and a degree from the Art Institute of Vancouver, so he knows his way around a camera better than most of us know our way around a fretboard. Nate doesn’t play guitar, but his taste in art is good enough that we let it slide: He digs the pictures of Ansel Adams, the music of Pink Floyd and The Coen Brothers’ films. Jay Morgan – Inventory Manager/Bookkeeper The cool uncle figure of the office, Jay Morgan excels where most musicians come up short: He’s organized, responsible and mature. In fact, he owns his own business that rents pre-pitched tents to music festivals. Jay manages the thousands of items in our inventory without getting distracted by things like the harmonic flexibility of the minor sixth chord. For 10 years, he’s been living in Vermont with his wife Cat, his daughter Calla, his cat Isis and his dogs Greta and Levon. (Yes, after Levon Helm.) Zach Nugent – YouTube and Admin Zach Nugent (no relation) is a central Vermont native with a passion for the Grateful Dead, a well-trimmed beard and a distrust of anything that breathes air but lives underwater. He manages some of our social media platforms, lends a hand to different tasks around the office and makes sure our web content is accurate and informative. If he’s not in the office, he’s touring; if he’s not touring, he’s mowing the lawn. Zach’s a bluegrass kind of guy. Customer Testimonials I will definitely be buying more equipment through your business and will recommend you to everyone I know…. Dear musicstorelive, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for your excellent, professional service. The 350v63 Rickenbacker guitar is in perfect condition and exactly as described and I’m so very happy with my new guitar. This model Rickenbacker is what I have wanted for more than 30 years, and thanks to you guys my dream has finally come true. I will definitely be buying more equipment through your business and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again. – Grant Johnston HEY DEREK AND ALL THE CREW, THE GUITAR IS BEATIFUL AND SOUNDS AWESOME. SO VERY LIGHT, PERFECT FOR ME! I CAN’T TELL YOU ALL HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOUR CARE, KINDNESS AND CONSIDERATION OF ME. NO WHERE ELSE IN THIS UNIVERSE CAN YOU FIND A MUSIC STORE WITH REAL PEOPLE WHO REALLY, REALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS HAPPINESS. A PLACE WILLING TO GO THE DISTANCE, NO MATTER WHAT. I HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH WARMTH AND FRIENDSHIP FROM A BUNCH OF MUSIC NUTS LIKE YOURSELVES. I AM INDEED PRIVILEGED AND BLESSED TO HAVE FOUND YOU GUYS. YOU HAVE TAKEN SUCH GRAND CARE OF ME. NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER DONE THAT FOR ME AND I HAVE SHOPPED A LOT OF PLACES IN PERSON AND ON THE WEB. YOU HAVE MADE ME FEEL VERY SPECIAL AND THAT’S WHAT OTHERS HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO. YOU GUYS ARE NO DOUBT THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! I WON’T SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE FROM NOW ON. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP. VERY SINCERELY, DR. GEORGE LAMBROS ATLANTA, GEORGIA “Ben and his team are the absolute BEST! These guys not only know about instruments, they actually know about a little thing called CUSTOMER SERVICE! These guys saved me $$$ on my new Fender Deluxe American Ash P-Bass, I will spare the details as if everyone knew the kind of deal you can get here, they would have to close up shop, and I’m not ready for that yet. I could NOT believe it… the more I kept digging, the more cool little things I discovered… I am actually still trying to find out where I’m getting screwed here… I GIVE UP! Keep up the awesome job! (at this point, I am going to forego the string offer here… it just wouldn’t be right). Thanks again!” -Iam Shocky The ES339 arrived. It’s beautiful. It looks brand spanking new. And plays really well. I must admit I was nervous buying online. I felt I was risking a lot of money based on a “sales description”. Your description of this guitar was conservative. I appreciate that because it is in better shape than you described it. Wow, is all I can say. Thanks for the honesty and then some. I couldn’t be happier. What a lovely guitar. There really is a difference between a Custom Shop and normal Gibson production fit and finish quality. Here’s a picture. So please don’t worry, the guitar feels very secure in its new home. FYI, that’s a Heritage 335 with Seth lovers and a Logan Tele with DeMarzio pups on a 5 way switch next to the 339. It’s in good comfortable company. Thanks for a good deal and I’ll look to you guys for my next purchase. -Todd, Connecticut The Spruce PRS and I have become very good friends. Thank you for the excellent service and communication. It was a seamless purchase and I could not be happier. The guitar arrived with exceptional packaging and in stunning condition. I cannot emphasize adequately how well the guitar and case were prepared and packed for shipment. THe guitar has a wonderful voice and a range of tone I have seldom seen in any guitar. The piezo by itself is remarkable and emulates an acoustic very well, especially when linked to an acoustic amp using the second output jack. The jazz tones are lush and round with an overtone of the woody sound. It’s playability is superb and can scream if called for. The weight is a bit disorienting at first. Initially, it felt like a toy but time on the strings corrected that perception. I am still amazed at the sounds that come out of that 5.4 lb instrument. AS you can see in this photo, it has made friends with an old friend of mine, a 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb that has been with me for well over 20 years. I just re-tubed it and upgraded the speaker as the original Jensen P10Q id not come with it although it is otherwise mint, so warm meets warm. Thanks again, guys for the purchase and terrific support. Here are the newlyweds. -Jim “What can I say. MusicStoreLive ALWAYS has some great vintage stuff, but when I saw this one, it was all over! I had sold one exactly like it to a collector, some years back, and had always regretted it. When it comes to guitars, Ben at MusicStoreLive is someone who doesn’t just sell them, but loves and appreciates a fine instrument, and recognizes it’s unique qualities. He was GREAT to deal with. I just can’t say enough about how professional and easy the transaction was. I actually consider Ben a friend now, and my wife and I really hope to get up to see him some time in the future!! You’ll LOVE dealing with MusicStoreLive!!!” – Rick Rizzi “I was very skeptical about making a purchase online. These guys made it easy for me. They answered all my questions, maintained a professional attitude the entire time and they were more than willingly to work with me. The 2000 Warwick Thumb bass I purchased arrived last Thursday. It was expertly packaged and had a good set-up right out of the box. It is the last bass I will need to buy because it destroys everything else in my collection. I have worked with a lot of companies over the years and have never gotten the kind of service that I received from these guys. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking to buy a quality instrument.” -Lee Hinson Hi Ben, I’ve got the purple Rickenbacker bass today. Everything is great. Seems that he had a very gentle journey. It was very well wrapped, no damages, no complains;-) The Rick has topped all my expectations. Can’t stop playing it! It was me a pleasure to make this deal with you! Best wishes, Max Luxembourg. Hi guys….thanks for offering up another great prs…my second singlecut prs purchase from you! -Jeff Thibeau This thing is the real sound-heaven on earth! Greetings from Germany, The PRS – Al D arrived last Friday morning…everything´s in perfect condition. As you can see on the picture from my “living-room”, I´m a “little bit” crazy in guitars,- but one thing I must say: it does´t matter if I use a Peavey, a Fender or a Mark IV-Amp this thing is the real SOUND-HEAVEN ON EARTH. Thank you and best wishes!!! -Heiko Reifenberg Buying online can be very risky and one has to trust the honesty and integrity of the retailer…. Hi, I’ve just received (as of yesterday) the white ’79 Rckenbacker you sold me (April 25/26). I’ve left feedback on ebay and would have liked to have said more if there’d been the space to do so. The bass sounds amazing. I’ve got a 4003 model which is only a few years old, so it’s interesting to compare the two. The sound of the older one is vastly superior. It’s a truly beautiful instrument. Buying online can be very risky and one has to trust the honesty and integrity of the retailer. Your description of the ’79 4001 was accurate; it was well photographed so I had a good idea of what I was buying. My anxiety was further allayed by the prompt and friendly emails from your salesperson, Paul. The most worrying time was when it was in customs in the UK! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Thanks again from a delighted customer. -Joan Bimson I just recieved the Axe From Hell. Beautiful LP Custom in perfect conditions. Il love the frets. My Mesa rocket44 & me are already overheating. A new set off strings, and let’s get some r’n’roll. Thank you for your business. Roger Goudard Free Shipping – Free Return Shipping – 14 Day Returns At MusicStoreLive we are proud to be one of the only (if not only!) guitar shop that offers 100% free return shipping and 14-day return policy in the 48 contiguous states. We are striving down the path to bring our guitar shop to your living room. This policy allows you get gear hassle free and try it with your own rig and band to see if it truely fits with your playing style and sound. If it doesn’t work the way you had hoped, we’ll send you a return label and issue you a full refund once we get the item back in the same condition it was purchased. It’s that simple. We’ve shipped hundreds of guitars all over the world, with very minimal shipping problems. We pack and ship VERY carefully, but rest assured that if anything goes wrong with your shipment, we will make sure that you’re taken care of. If the item is received in condition other than described we will happily refund your money. Shipping is FREE of charge via FedEx ground in the 48 contiguous states. We ship same day if your order is placed by 12pm EST! See the FedEx shipping map below for estimated delivery times! Our standard international shipping service is USPS Priority International, which allows us to offer the most affordable international shipping rates. We also offer International Express Shipping with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS Express. Please call for custom quotes. For Guitar and Bass sized products: Worldwide – USPS Priority Mail -$175 Europe – USPS Priority Mail – $125 Canada – USPS Priority Mail – $75 Expedited Wordwide – Call for Rates Please note: Please feel free to contact us for a more specific quote. We may be able to get a better DHL Express quote for you depending on your location. Returns Is your instrument just not doing it for you? We understand and we absolutely want you to be thrilled with any gear that you purchase from We are now proud to offer free return shipping on all domestic orders. That’s right. If you’re not happy with your guitar, you can return it to us at no charge within 14 days of your purchase. Nobody in the industry offers such an ironclad return policy. Watch to learn why you can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE from MusicStoreLive. Have Questions? Contact Us! Contact us with any questions at all! We are open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 7PM Eastern Time and weekends from 10AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. If we miss you, please leave us a message and we’ll call you back at our earliest convenience! Toll Free: (855) 790-8653 Payment We Accept PayPal and credit cards. We also offer some great financing programs that can spread out payments up to FIVE years. Guitars Amplifiers Pedals Strings & Accessories