Ibanez Guitar, Amp, And MoreIbanez Guitar, Amp, And More

I am selling my Ibanez RG5EX1. This is an amazing guitar that I purchased for over 400 dollars when I got it. I did not use it as much as I thought that I would. I replaced the factory pickups with Seymour Duncan pickups which sound amazing, and which cost around $150 from Guitar Center. I am also selling the case with the guitar which is a $120 value. This is the best case available for this type of guitar. I am also selling my Line 6 Spider Valve 2X12 Tube Amp. This amp will blow the roof off of your house. It plays so loud and sounds so amazing with the tubes. I used this amp for various shows where I played in front of thousands of people and it worked perfectly without the need to connect it to the PA system. This amp sells for around $800 brand new. I am selling my guitar with the case for $300 and the amp for $400. If you are interested in all three products I will let you buy all three items for $600 and I will also throw in my Cry Baby 535Q wah pedal and my X-Series Metal Master pedal, a $220 value. I am also throwing in some GHS boomers strings and some picks and guitar tools. If you want everything, it is a $1,700 value, and I am only asking for $600 for it all.