Sanox Telacaster Tele Lawsuit Era Guitar Made In Japan Mij Fender Parts...niceSanox Telacaster Tele Lawsuit Era Guitar Made In Japan Mij Fender Parts...nice

This is an amazing guitar. It is a 1970′s Sanox Tele-type guitar that was created in Japan (this is not a Sound Creator model). To my knowledge, all parts are original except for the bridge and neck pickup, bridge, tuners, and electronics. These parts came from a Fender Mexican 50′s Reissue. It is strung with 10′s but the string tension feels like 9′s (light and very easy to play). This instrument has all of the Tele-snap that you would expect, the body is light and resonant, and the neck has rolled edges (a lot of work went into this instrument). A very versatile guitar that is outstanding for recording or playing live. This instrument weighs 7 pounds. Sanox guitars are quite rare & there is little info on the web about them; I have seen Strat-type Sanox guitars, but this is the only Sanox Tele that I’ve seen. This guitar was probably built in the Matsomuko factory. During the 1970′s, a few Japanese guitar makers were attempting to land the Fender contract, so this guitar was probably a limited run to demonstrate build quality. Some information on the Matsumoku factory: …By the early 1970s, Matsumoku had begun using computer numerical controlled mills, routers, and lathes, one of the first guitar makers to do so. Even so, 60% of the guitar making process was still done by hand including planing, fretting, joining, and assembly. This machine cut, yet hand worked process yielded high quality instruments with unique character… This guitar is in great condition. The frets are great, and the neck is straight and plays great… it also sounds great to…I have played through my tweed champ….actually was amazed how good the pickups sound in this body..the color is original factory….the neck profile is a 70′s C..I had a 1971 tele and it feels about the same….except that it is 9.5 in radius ….I’ve had classis 50′s before with these pickups and they don’t sound as good …I thought of changing the pickups but I feel that it’s not necessary…. The back of the body does have scrapes, and there is a gash on the front edge (see photo). You wouldn’t be disappointed with this guitar. It’s hard for me to let it go…since I had it …sold it…rebought it back…now I have to sell it to pay a few unexpected bills. I accept PAYPAL ONLY…I SHIP to the 48 lower USA states ONLY….Happy Bidding!!!!