Hammond A100Hammond A100

This auction is for my modified Hammond A100. It was manufactured in 1960. I have modified it for performance and gigging. It was a stock organ that functions perfectly. I did recap the vibrato line but the tonewheel generator sounds so smooth and bright I did not alter the native capacitors.I removed the internal amps, speakers and reverb for portability and have outfitted it with a 122 Leslie connector kit, Direct out and Effects channel with a Roland Digital Reverb. I use the direct out with my NeoVentilator and it sounds great. The organ functions perfectly including, chorus, percussion and start up motors. There are no hums, pops or excessivve clicks and it sounds great. The keybed is smooth (manufactured prior to the use of foam) and all notes function.Cosmetically it is a 7/10, but though it was set up for gigging, there are no major flaws in it. I have the original electronics, pedal board and bench which are included. I will be happy to answer any questions and of course the organ is being sold as is, and the buyer is soley responsible for pick up and shipping. I also have Roll -r-Karri dollies that I will include for 200.00 additionally. I have a vintage Leslie 142 for this organ too, if interested.