Johannus Opus 240 Church electronic organ with 8 LARGE speakers  !!!!Johannus Opus 240 Church electronic organ with 8 LARGE speakers  !!!!

Johannus Opus 240 Church electronic organ with 8 large speakers !!!Serial Number: 24-21-60I am a professional musician. I have a degree in Music and have been playing the electronic organ for more that 40 years. I am familiar with electronic organ brands, how much they sell for and maintenance issues. The organs I sell here on eBay cost much more than what I ask for.This organ was being used in a Church just a few weeks ago.The Johannus Opus 240 organ was made in Holland by the Johannus Organ Company ( Johannus Orgelbouw) and imported to the United States. The Johannus Opus organ is widely used in the United States by Churches of all faiths for it greatly enhances worship services. This Johannus Opus 240 organ is made of dark oak wood and includes a matching bench, the pedal board as well as 8 large speakers / cabinets. The long cables needed to connect the organ to the speakers are included.The size of the speakers are:Large / tall speaker (2 speakers): 63″ height, 26″ depth, 24″ width.Small / square speaker (4 speakers): 24″ height, 16″ depth, 18″ width.Double speaker cabinet: height 37″, depth 14″, width 48″.The length of the cable that connects from the organ console to the speakers is 250 feet. I can also send you pictures of the stops. The picture limit on ebay did not allow me to include pictures of the stops (white buttons).I am including a picture of the plate that shows the model and serial number of the organ in case you want to do a little research before bidding.The organ has 3 keyboards as you can see on the pictures and 3 expression pedals. It also has an in-built keyboard cover.I can email more close up pictures of the pedal, swell, great and choir tabs.The Johannus Opus 240 delivers digital Church sounds through its pipe sampling technique. When a key on the Opus 240 is pressed a recording of an actual pipe organ is played. The Opus 240 uses multi-channel audio plan to deliver this sound to the audio system. The sound of the organ is gorgeous.According to the Johannus Holland website, “the Opus has been the World’s best selling Johannus organ for many years”.Please note that the expression pedals may need to be adjusted / fixed by a competent electronic organ technician.Buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements (which should include insurance!!!). Disclaimer: I am selling this Johannus Opus 240 electronic organ AS-IS with no warranties either expressed or implied. There is no returns, exchanges or refunds. All sales are final. I will not be responsible for any damage to the organ after it leaves the premises. I am happy to answer questions concerning condition of the organ but the information I give is only my personal opinion. I have sold organs in the past and I can help find a shipping company with reasonable fees to deliver the organ to out of state customers. Please email me if you have any more questions. Thanks.I AM SELLING SEVERAL OTHER LOWREY ORGANS ON EBAY: Lowrey PATRIOT organ made of oak wood, Lowrey PATRIOT organ made of Mahogany (cherry) wood, Lowrey STERLING organ, Lowrey ROYALE organ made of mahogany wood, Lowrey ROYALE organ made of oak wood, Lowrey EZ4 electronic organ and a Johannus Opus 240 Church electronic organ.