Lowrey STERLING organ: USB / DVD, COLOR TOUCH screen and ADJUSTABLE padded benchLowrey STERLING organ: USB / DVD, COLOR TOUCH screen and ADJUSTABLE padded bench

Selling a very nice Lowrey STERLING electronic electronic organ for ONLY $ 9,000 !!! The Lowrey STERLING sold for over $ 100,00 just a few years ago !!! I think this Sterling organ is nicer and cheaper than the Lowrey Marquee or the Aria organ which sells for over $ 100,000 !!!The Lowrey Sterling organ is made of mahogany wood.I am also selling a Lowrey PATRIOT organ made of oak wood. The Lowrey PATRIOT is very similar to the Lowrey Sterling organ and each sold at the music store for over $100,000 .I am a professional musician. I have a degree in Music and have been playing the electronic organ for more that 40 years. I am familiar with electronic organ brands, how much they sell for and maintenance issues. The organs I sell here on eBay cost much more than what I ask for. I have built an excellent reputation here at eBay.The organ comes with a large COLOR TOUCH screen information center !!! It also has a USB port and a CD drive !!! This is the most advanced technology to date!!! The USB and CD can be used to record your own music, play pre-recorded music, etc.The organ manual is also included as well as 2 clear plastic music holders (one large and one small).The beautiful padded bench is adjustable and has a music storage space in it. Your children or your Church would love to have such a nice musical instrument. This electronic organ will provide you many memorable happy moments. The organ looks and sounds as if brand new. The organ is equipped with MIDI capable and external speaker plugs located in the back of the organ. It also has microphone and headphones plugs. This beautiful organ has a nice roll-in cover. The sound of this organ is gorgeous. Buyer is responsible for shipping arrangements (which should include insurance!!!). Disclaimer: I am selling this Lowrey Sterling electronic organ AS-IS with no warranties either expressed or implied. There is no returns, exchanges or refunds. All sales are final. I will not be responsible for any damage to the organ after it leaves the premises. I am happy to answer questions concerning condition of the organ but the information I give is only my personal opinion. I have sold organs in the past and I can help find a shipping company with reasonable fees to deliver the organ to out of state customers. Please email me if you have any more questions. Thanks.I AM SELLING SEVERAL OTHER LOWREY ORGANS ON EBAY: Lowrey PATRIOT organ made of oak wood, Lowrey MAJESTY organ made of mahogany wood, Lowrey ROYALE organ made of mahogany wood, Lowrey ROYALE organ made of oak wood, Lowrey STARDUST organ made of mahogany wood.