Yamaha Billy Cobham Signature 6x14Yamaha Billy Cobham Signature 6x14

Up for sale is my beloved Yamaha Billy Cobham Signature Snare. I’ve owned this drum for about 7 years and it came with the triple flanged hoops when I purchased it used. I own 3 other Yamaha snares and I’m moving soon so I’m thinning down the collection so unfortunately this one has to go. I own a wood hooped Yamaha snare and I honestly thing the steel hoops fit this drum better with the super sensitive snare wires and thin 6 ply shell. The drum has a lot of crack and body. I’ve used it live and while recording tuned up and down and it’s a great example of the quality that Yamaha Japan was putting out during the 90s and early 2000s. The drum comes with a pretty new Vintage Amabassador batter head, about 80% condition I’d say, and the factory Yamaha logo hazy snare side head. The strainer’s in perfect working condition and there’s no visual blemishes worth noting apart from smudges from use. The Cobham signature snares that are available are almost double the price of this listing so I’m hoping this one goes to a loving home that’ll appreciate it as much as I have. You just can’t find these too often anymore. Feel free to send over any messages if you have any questions. If you appreciate quality maple snares you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a link to me playing it recently so you can get an idea of its character. (Replace “(dot)” with a period and close the spaces) instagram (dot) com/p/B2FI-FdHgOU/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet