Used Yamaha P-35b Digital Piano For Sale -- Used Only 1 YearUsed Yamaha P-35b Digital Piano For Sale -- Used Only 1 Year

This Yamaha P-35B digital piano was purchased by me from Amazon in May 2014, and is used for only one year. Everything is working like new, the piano has plain functions, nothing really special, but has great sound quality and real feeling, and is great for both beginners and intermediate players. FAQs (I guess):Standard 88 keys? Yes.Weighted keys? Yes, and it’s graded hammer.MIDI output? Yes.Earphone output? Yes, with an adapter I’ve purchased (the adapter doesn’t have good electrical contact upon plug-in, may need to plug-in twice, but I’m okay with it for a year. May buy another adapter for $5 to fix the problem).Sustain pedal? Yes. Welcome to contact me for test playing. It is physically located in Newark, Delaware, USA. Sale includes everything you saw on these photos: the digital piano, power adapter, 3.5mm earphone adapter, sustain pedal, piano stand, music rest, owner’s manual… I purchased these for $469 altogether, now asking only $280 because of moving, local deals or picking up from my place preferred. 欢迎联系我,音乐爱好者抓紧啊~~