Yamaha Digital Piano Model Ydp-223, Barely Used, Excellent Condition, No FlawsYamaha Digital Piano Model Ydp-223, Barely Used, Excellent Condition, No Flaws

Yamaha Digital Piano Model YDP-223 •88 graded-hammer keys have real acoustic piano feel•Stereo-sampling AWM tone generation for 14 superb instrument voices•PC interface plus MIDI in/out/thru•Digital reverb, chorus, and brilliance effects•Dual voice mode•2-track song recorder•Built-in speakers with 2 – 20W amplifiers•64-note polyphony•Beautiful woodgrain cabinet with dark rosewood finish and sliding key cover•Metronome•2 headphone jacks for silent music instruction•50 demonstration song with sheet music You already know how important an investment a piano is to your family. Having a piano in your home not only fills it with beautiful music, but music lessons on a piano have a proven positive effect on your child’s academic performance and self-confidence. And of course, a piano is an elegant addition to any room. . . but actually owning a piano presents its own set of challenges. First, you have to actually get it into your house, after which you’ll certainly need to have an expert come in and tune it. Oh, and keep the tuner’s number on file; you’ll be calling him once every six months to keep your instrument tuned as the seasons change. These and other logistical challenges are simply par for the course with owning a piano. Unless, that is, you choose to invest in a Yamaha YDP223 Digital Piano. You may think that no digital instrument could ever truly take the place of the real thing, but any doubts you may have will disappear when you sit down to play your new YDP223. From the feel of the Graded Hammer Action keyboard to the incredible Advanced Wave Memory stereo-sampled grand piano sound, you’ll understand why Yamaha Digital Pianos have become a standard in homes, studios, churches and performance venues across the globe. With your eyes closed, you won’t be able to tell the difference between it an the real thing, and when you do open your eyes, you’ll be staring at the dark-stained, fine-grained wooden cabinet of an instrument you’ll be proud to show off. Because the YDP223 is a fraction of the weight and size of even an upright acoustic piano, bringing it home and finding a place for it to live is far easier than with an acoustic instrument. And, because the Yamaha is a Digital Piano, it never needs tuning. You’ll save time and hassle on transport and maintenance. Even with all this convenience, the YDP223 sacrifices nothing in tone or playability. The keys are weighted for an action that emulates that of real, mechanical keys. And “Graded” means that, just like on a real piano, the action feels slightly “heavier” on the bass keys than it does on the treble keys. In concert with the three piano-style foot-pedals, the YDP223 utterly matches the physical experience of playing a world-class acoustic grand piano. It’s an experience only heightened by the amazingly realistic, stereo-sampled grand piano sound, powered by Yamaha’s proprietary Advanced Wave Memory engine. By sampling multiple sounds for each note, the YDP223 is able to accurately represent the complex and subtle tones of an acoustic piano, along with it’s entire dynamic range. Play softly and the notes remain warm and full. Play loudly and the brightness of the strings’ natural overtones shines. In addition to the brilliant piano sounds, the YDP223 comes equipped with fourteen other voices, from harpsichord to classical guitar to a vocal choir. It’s like having an entire orchestral ensemble in your home and at your fingertips. How does Yamaha do it? Over a century of building grand pianos for the world’s most demanding musicians, composers, and institutions may have something to do with it. Yamaha knows what a piano is supposed to sound like, play like and feel like, and they’ve applied their stringent quality standards to their entire line of Digital Pianos. The YDP223 sounds and plays more like a real piano because it was built by real piano-builders, and because it’s a Digital Piano, it’s even easier to bring a piece of their craftsman heritage home with you. SPECIFICATIONSKeyboard: GH (Graded Hammer Effect) Weighted Action, 88 keys Tone Generator: Stereo Sampling AWM Polyphony: 64 notes max. Voice Selector: Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Harpsichord 1, Harpsichord 2, Vibraphone, Church Organ 1, Church Organ 2, Jazz Organ, Strings1, Strings2, Choir, Guitar plus Dual Voice (combine two voices at once)Effect: Reverb, Effect, Brilliance Volume: Master Volume Control Controls: Dual, Metronome, Transpose, Touch (Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed), Functions, Speaker ON/OFFRecording/Playback: 2-Track recording/playback; 1 User Song, Tempo Adjustment, Synchro StartPedal: Sustain (Damper), Sostenuto, SoftMetronome Tempo: 32-280 bpm Pitch Control: 427.0 Hz – 453.0 Hz (Standard Pitch 440.0 Hz) in about 0.2 Hz steps Demo Songs: 14 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Preset Songs with Song BookJacks/Connectors: MIDI (In/Out/Thru), To Host, Headphones X 2, Aux In, Aux Out (L/L+R, R), Aux Out (Level Fixed) (L,R) Main Amplifiers: 20W x 2 Speakers: 16cm x 2 Dimensions (W x D x H): 53 15/16 x 20 3/8 x 33 7/16 in. Weight: 112 lbs 7 oz.