Alesis Dm5 Drum Module 18-bit Drum Sound ModuleAlesis Dm5 Drum Module 18-bit Drum Sound Module

ALESIS Drum Module 18-Bit Drum Sound Module In great Working Condition 9v AC ADAPTER cord not included. They run about $8 online. Serious drum sound.DM5 is a classic Alesis drum-sound module for drummers, programmers, producers, and anyone else who needs great-sounding drums and percussion. DM5 contains 540 stereo, 18-bit drum sounds that can be assigned to any of the 21 programmable drumsets. 12 trigger inputs enable DM5 to be used with all Alesis drum and cymbal pads, SURGE Cymbals, and the triggering devices from most other major manufacturers. DM5 also has full MIDI I/O so it can be used as a sound source for composing, programming, and sequencing with a wide variety of controllers including keyboards, pad triggers, MPCs, and more.Alesis’ exclusive Dynamic Articulation™ technology modifies sample sounds so they change as you play them. This results in sounds that respond accurately not only to dynamic changes, but also with the appropriate timbral and color changes you’d expect from their acoustic counterparts. Our Random Sample feature also ensures you don’t get the same sound twice for further creative realism. Built-in Alesis studio effects including reverb and ambiance ensure that you can send a complete, finished sound to the PA, recording system, and your headphones with no additional processing. DM5 Drum ModuleInputs: (12) 1/4″ (each with 5 user adjustable trigger parameters) Outputs: Two 1/4″ stereo pairs Headphone: 1/4″ TRS with variable gain MIDI: In, Out/Thru 18-bit sample resolution 48kHz Sample rate Footswitch: 1/4″, assignable to hi-hat control or program advance 16-voice polyphony Panning: 7 position, user programmable Kits: 21 Memory locations w/defaults permanently stored in ROM Tuning Scheme: Coarse (chromatic) and Fine (cents) Data Input: Data knob, front panel keypad (sound auditioning via velocity sensitive Preview button on front panel) Expanded Dynamic Articulation™: Modulates tone and pitch Power: 9V AC external transformer, UL and CSA approved Dimensions (W x H x D): 19″ x 1.75″ (1U) x 6″ Weight: 4.5 lbs.