Korg Univox Sr 120 Mini Pops Drum MachineKorg Univox Sr 120 Mini Pops Drum Machine

For sale is this vintage rhythm/drum machine. This unit is in perfect working condition and comes with the original footswitch. The rolex case is in good condition but the interior is pristine. I just plugged it in and everything worked as expected. The Korg Mini-Pops 120, also rebranded as the Univox SR-120, was the top-of-the-line Mini Pops model produced, with more features and presets than other drum machines from this series, such as the Mini Pops Junior and 35. It comes in two cabinet styles, a tolex road case or a wooden chassis. Apart from their appearance, both units are identical in every other aspect. There are 16 presets, each of which has two variations, five “fill-in” settings that can be triggered every 2,4,8,12 or 16 bars, plus the ability to alternate between variations A and B of the selected rhythm. This change, and also the “fill-in”, can be automatic or manual. There’s also a fade out/in button, with a long/short setting. The unit has a mono output, and no trigger out. There are five jacks: hi-fi out, guitar amp out, start/stop, fade out/in, manual.