Roland-js-30-sampling-workstation Great ConditionRoland-js-30-sampling-workstation Great Condition

Great working condition! Fun to use! Company: Roland Model: JS-30 Class: Module sampler Dates: 1994 Country: Japan Weight: 4 kg Dimensions: n/a Technology: digital SP Pad: 13 Display: 7-segments Resolution: 8 / 16 bits S. frequency: 22/44 kHz N.waves: 36 PCM Polyphony: 8 voices Envelope: 1 ADSR Memory: 1->4 mb RAM type: SIMM 30 pins Sequencer: 4 tracks Sync: Midi clock Midi: IN / OUT DAC: BB PCM54HP ADC: AK 9201AVP Demo: 1 Video: 1 Review: 1 DOWNLOAD: user manual Overview Main panel features a basic segments display, 47 buttons, 3 sliders and 13 trigger pads that transmit Midi. Terminal connectors: – line input RCA – main out RCA – SCSI connector – Midi interface – headphones out Voice System manages up to 8 voices of polyphony at 8-16 bits resolution with a monophonic sampling process fixed at 22 or 44 kHz rate. TECH: For 16 bits sampling mode it needs at least 2 Mb of RAM memory. Wavetable the ROM contains 36 preset samples mainly 90′ dance from Roland MDC-1 and some TR-909 samples. No way to modify the ROM content or edit PCM. Sampling just plug a source into gain select line or microphone impedance (CUE mode allows headphones preview for live set) then each sample has a user defined BMP tempo and can be assigned to individual pad or split by notes or triggered by Midi keyboard. Edit limited sample edit: loop, truncate, normalize and reverse. Memory factory JS comes with 1 Mb of volatile memory expandable to 4 Mb using 30 pins SIMMS for a total sampling time of 22.5 seconds at 44.1 KHz for each RAM mega. Whole RAM bank is split into DUAL mode for “load while playing” or “sample while playing”. Envelope a single EG 4-segments type ADSR for the amplitude control. Sequencer a simple 4 RPS tracks with a) real-tim e b) step input modes. System can be synched with MIDI CLOCK. Storage SCSI interface that handles Iomega Zip or even external HD with custom file system (600 MB MAX file system formatted). In addition SCSI imports samples (not programs) library from Roland S7XX- S550- S330 or even Akai S1000, but JS30 cannot display file name and that’s a big problem.