Roland Td-5k Electronic Drum - 8 Pieces - 3 Toms, Snare, 3 Cymbal, Bass Drum

The photo shows:1) the three cymbal pads across the top (ride, crash, and hi-hat);2) across the bottom, from left to right: one snare drum and three toms;3) the sound module on the far left; and4) the bass drum which is under the second drum pad from the left on the bottom row of drum padsSome people don’t understand that the three pads across the top are set up as cymbals. I am not sure why this is not understood. I think some people are thinking that only the electronic pad that is shaped like a cymbal can be used as an electronic cymbal. But you can use any electronic pad as a cymbal and the sound is the same.Like NewRoland TD-5k Electronic Drum KitWithAll Owner’s Manuals1 Trap Stand/Stage Stand/Compact Stand (MDS-7U)TD-5K Percussion Sound Module and mount1 Mesh Drum Pad (PD-80R)1 Drum Pad (PD-7) and mount (MDH-7U)5 Drum Pads (PD-5) and all mounts (MDH-7U)2 Cymbal Mounts (MDY-7U)1 Hi-Hat Control Pedal (FD-7)1 Kick Trigger Unit with beater (KD-7)1 POWER SUPPYALL CABLESNO DRUM STICKSThe Roland TD-5K Compact Drum System offers 210 16-bit, CD quality sampled sounds that can be arranged into 32 different drum kits, an onboard digital effects processor, an auxiliary input for a CD player or a cassette tape recorder, headphone output, and a voice metronome for practice.The incredibly responsive pads and hi-hat controller provide a very realistic feel.There are eight dual trigger inputs to accommodate a variety of pads, trigger types, and acoustic drum triggers. This electronic drum set is in excellent condition and has been tested and confirmed to work perfectly.Kick Trigger Unit for Roland Drum System The KD-7 can be used with bass drum pedals of virtually any make playing feel similar to acoustic drum with complete dynamic control. Can be used with other manufacturers’ trigger interfaces KD-7 is a dynamic-sensitive kick-drum trigger that can be used with your own kick-drum pedal. Offering dynamic control with the playing feel of acoustic kicks, the KD-7 also provides an input for double-bass style drumming.The new 8-inch PD-80R mesh V-Pads™ allow for natural feel, near-silent drum performance and ultra-sensitive triggering–even playing with brushes!Precision 8-inch mesh-head drum pads with rubber-coated rim for natural rebound and responseUltra-expressive, near-silent triggering even allows playing with brushesDual-trigger PD-80R pad senses separate head and rim shots for snare drum or other applicationsCompatible with V-Drums® TD-20/12/10/9/8/6/6V/3, SPD-20, SPD-S, HandSonic 10 and HPD-15