Mesa Boogie Triaxis Tube Preamp With Midi ControlMesa Boogie Triaxis Tube Preamp With Midi Control

Not a big fan of the digital distortion sound? I don’t blame you. So how about getting the glorious sound of 8 different Mesa Boogie tube amplifiers complete with up to 9 different parameters accomplished with 5 REAL 12AX7 vacuum tubes all in a 1 rack space unit! This incredible preamp offers 90 user preset locations that are Midi recallable each containing all of the settings you dial in and the option of controlling any of these settings with a midi continuous controller foot pedal. Each patch also saves the status of the integrated effects loop and 4 switch outputs for performing amp channel setting or other outboard gear control. Another nice feature is that each of the adjustable parameters is readily accessible on the front panel, just like an amp, so there is no tedious menu to scroll through and you can see exactly what all the settings are at a glance. The eight separate modes deliver the elusive creamy gain of the Mark I, the heralded focus of the Mark IIC+, the scooped Rhythm of the Mark IV™, and the heinous crunch of the Rectifier™. But these are just a few of the classic sounds at your fingertips. Most programmable preamps start with a digital control circuit and then adapt the audio to fit the confines of the digital framework. Mesa Boogie’s patented technology preserves in every nuance and detail the exact audio elements which made these classic sounds in the first place. The digital circuitry was forced to serve—not dictate the tone. Here is the breakdown: •5x12AX7 •8 Modes Rhythm Green = MK I, Black-face: Vintage Fat Clean Rhythm Rhythm Yellow = MK IV: Modern Hyper-Clean Rhythm Lead 1 Green = MK I: Vintage Mark I Lead Lead 1 Yellow = MK I: Gain Boost Lead 1 Red = Classic Boogie Lead Lead 2 Green = MK IV: Medium Gain Boogie Lead Lead 2 Yellow = MK IIC+ / Mark IV: Classic High Gain Lead 2 Red = MK III: Searing Gain •90 User Preset Locations/128 Midi Program Locations •Midi In/Out/Thru •Midi Continuous Control (any or all parameters) •Midi Data Transfer •Phantom Power (for Footcontroller) •Programmable FX Loop w/Stereo Returns •Stereo Main & Recording Outputs •Rackmountable, 1 Rack Space •4 Programmable Function Switches (Controls Smart Power™ “Deep, Half Drive or Modern” on select MESA Power amps or controls other outboard gear) This is the perfect blend of old school analog warmth and modern digital technology! Comes complete with manual and attached power cord. Has original Mesa Boogie tubes. Low hours and always rack mounted. Mostly kept in smoke free home environment. Paypal only and only shipping to 48 Continental US States. Please note: I will be unavailable April 4 – 12 so purchase must be completed before April 3rd to get shipped on the 3rd.