Peavey Midibase Bass Guitar Midi Controller Complete With Extras Rare Cyberbass

Standby for videos… prepare to be blown away. I will be posting a video of the bass triggering ipad synths. This is an extra Peavey midibase I have. I just got the needed controller to complete it and I am building a cable, so now I can bless someone else with an amazing instrument that was 20 years ahead of its time. This bass is made for now! And the only other bass currently in production that you can get is made by Industrial Radio in Australia (with international shipping and import fees, their AU$3850 price balloons up close to $5000US, and they can’t include the extras that I am including.) Works perfectly. Good condition. Paint chip on the lower bout of the body by the input jack and other minor flaws. It is missing the knobs! What makes the midibass special? No latency! And that is difficult to do on a bass, and is usually what causes people to fault all the other approaches of bass to midi conversion. On other systems people get annoyed by the delay which becomes worse on the lower notes. The midibase, unlike all the other midi converters, have built in sensors in the frets which gives each note the same latency as every other note and about the same latency as a standard keyboard. Just as you would push a key on a keyboard and trigger a sound in under 10 milliseconds (virtually instant) you get the same exact responsiveness from this bass, and that makes it ultra useable. I have one that I am keeping as you will see in the video. Otherwise I would be going to my grave with this bass. Includes:Midibase8 pin Cable (hard to find)Midibase Converter boxConverter Box Power Supply AdapterBonuses #1: 64GB ipadBonuses #2: ipad midi adapter (line6 midi mobilizer)Bonuses #3: $5000+ dollars worth of ipad apps including many midi synths (permanent access. I will share the access through the new Apple Family Plan. Read more at the end of the auction.) I have put buy it now with best offer accpepted, however, a minimum offer of $1600 will be required for just the complete midibase (without ipad, adapter, and apps.) The additional money is for the ipad and the apps, and for low offers they won’t be included. I will make clear what you get in my counteroffer. Keep in mind that this is your chance to get $5000 worth of apps for a fraction of their cost, and legitimately too. People have been Extremely happy with my instruments. Check my feedback. Shipping overseas may be available but contact me first. It will be expensive. Items will be shipped in 2 packages. The bass in a case will be in one package. All other items will be in the other package. So the apps on the ipad make it the most incredible sound module. There are literally tens of thousands of sounds in hundreds of apps available for midi triggering in the ipad I will supply. I have bolded some of the apps that I have used with the midibase (but I haven’t tried all of the apps, and some that are not bolded will work too.) Take care and look up some of the apps on uyoutube and you will see you are getting some awesome sounds! Here is an incomplete list of apps: JamUp Pro – Guitar Amps and Multi-Effects ProcessoPositive Grid IncIn-App PurchaseAlchemy Synth Mobile Studio, All Sounds Pack Camel Audio LimitedIn-App PurchaseToneStack GO, Motherload v.1.0 Yonac Inc.In-App PurchaseCubasis – Music Production System, v1.8.1 (4+) STEINBERG MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES GMBH iOS AppiSymphonic Orchestra, v1.2.2 (4+) Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a CrudebyteiOS AppGrooveMaker 2, Song Megapack IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseKORG Module, v1.0.1 (4+) KORG INC.iOS AppToneStack, Motherload v.1.0 Yonac Inc.In-App PurchaseKORG Gadget, v1.0.1 (4+) KORG INC.iOS AppAmpKit+ – Guitar amps and effects recording studioAgile Partners Technologies, LLCIn-App PurchaseLemur, v4.1.2 (4+) Liine BViOSAppAuria, v1.141 (4+) WaveMachine Labs, Inc.iOS AppBIAS FXBIAS FXiOS AppCZ App for iPadCASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.iOS AppiCathedral Organ, v1.0.0 (4+) Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a CrudebyteiOS AppDifferent Drummer, v2.5.1 (4+) Hologramophone Research, Inc.iOSAppiRing Music Maker, Total Bundle IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseSampleTank, All Sound Packs IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-AppPurchaseSampleTank, Sonik Synth – Mobile Edition (full verIK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseFL Studio Mobile HD, v2.4.2 (4+) image-lineiOS AppBeatMaker 2, v2.4.8 (4+) INTUAAppKORG iKaossilator, v2.2.2 (4+) KORG INC.AppKORG iM1, v1.0.1 (4+) KORG INC.iOS AppKORG Module, Ivory Mobile Grand KORG INC.In-App PurchasePocketRTA HD – Spectrum Analyzer, v1.4 (4+) Limelight Software LimitediOS AppStompBox, v1.23 (4+) Limelight Software LimitedAppMKSensation – Live Giggin’ Module/Rompler, All SynMIDIculous LLCIn-App PurchaseFLUX:FX by Adrian Belew – the professional audio mNOIISEiOS AppEgoist, v1.0.4 (4+) Sugar Bytes GmbHiOS AppWaveGenerator, v2.0.6 (4+) Wolfgang PalmiOS AppWaveMapper, v2.0.3 (4+) Wolfgang PalmiOS AppTotal AmpliTube Bundle for iPad (4+) IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCApp BundleArpeggionome Pro, v1.1 (4+) Alexander RandonAppZ3TA+, v1.1.1 (4+) CakewalkiOS AppAmpliTube for iPad, All Style Packs IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseKORG iMS-20, v1.6.3 (4+) KORG INC.iOSAppKORG iPolysix, v1.1.3 (4+) KORG INC.iOSAppFinal Touch – Complete Mastering System, v1.0.4 (4Positive Grid InciOS AppReBirth for iPad, v1.3.1 (4+) Propellerhead Software ABAppThor Polysonic Synthesizer, v1.0.1 (4+) Propellerhead Software ABiOS AppSOUND Canvas for iOS, v1.0.1 (17+) Roland CorporationiOS AppNanoStudio, v1.41 (4+) BLIP INTERACTIVE LTDAppMIDI Designer Pro, v1.6.1 (4+) ConfusionistsiOS AppiMPC Pro, v1.0 (4+) Akai ProfessionaliOS AppAmpliTube for iPad, Recorder + Master Fx + DAWIK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseVocaLive for iPad, Total Studio Bundle IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseElectrify NXT, v1.0.3 (4+) Ingolf KochiOS AppiSymphonic Orchestra, Pro Sound Set Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a CrudebyteIn-App PurchaseChordPolyPad – Midi Chords Player, v1.1 (4+) Laurent ColsoniOSAppStepPolyArp – Midi Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator, v2Laurent ColsoniOSAppNave, v1.3 (4+) Waldorf Music GmbHiOS AppiVCS3, v1.2 (4+) Alessandro PetrolatiiOS AppCrudebyte Audio Apps Bundle (4+) Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a CrudebyteApp BundleMusic Studio, v2.4 (4+) ALEXANDER GROSSiOSAppAudioTools, v7.2.20 (4+) Andrew SmithiOS AppArturia iSEM, v1.0 (4+) ArturiaiOS AppiProphet, v1.0.1 (4+) ArturiaiOS AppSoundFont Pro, v2.2.1 (4+) Azfar JafriiOS AppChordana ViewerCASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.iOS AppBorderlands Granular, v2.0 (4+) Christopher CarlsoniOS Appmegamicron, v1.0 (4+) CONTINGENT ApSiOSAppBeatwave, Beatwave Pro 2 DAVID FUMBERGERIn-App PurchaseSymphonix Evolution, v2.1.1 (4+) Donald FletcheriOS AppErol Singer’s Studio – Voice Lessons, v1.5 (4+) Erol Studios Inc.iOS AppMultiTrack DAW, v3.2.2 (4+) HAMILTON FELTMANAppAmpliTube for iPad, v3.1.2 (4+) IK Multimedia US, LLCiOSAppiGrand Piano for iPad, v1.1.1 (4+) IK Multimedia US, LLCiOSAppSampleTank, Sample Moog – Mobile Edition IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseSampleTank, v1.7.1 (4+) IK Multimedia US, LLCiOS AppVocaLive for iPad, v1.6.1 (4+) IK Multimedia US, LLCiOSAppAmpliTube for iPad, Complete VocaLive Bundle IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseDJ Rig for iPad, Pro Bundle IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseDJ Rig for iPad, v1.1 (4+) IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCiOS AppSampleTank, Miroslav Philharmonik – Mobile EditionIK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseSampleTank, The Grid IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseGroove Machine Mobile, v1.3.7 (4+) image-lineiOS AppLIVKONTROL PRO, v1.9.5 (4+) Imaginando, Sociedade Unipessoal, LdaiOS AppSunrizer synth, v3.0 (4+) JAROSLAW JACEK 297956092AppiMIDIPatchbay, v1.4.1 (4+) Johannes DoerriOS AppTC-11, v1.8.4 (4+) Kevin SchleiiOS AppKORG Gadget, Abu Dhabi KORG INC.In-App PurchaseKORG iELECTRIBE for iPhoneKORG INC.iOS AppKORG iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition, v1.1.2 (4+) KORG INC.iOSAppKORG iELECTRIBE, v1.6.2 (4+) KORG INC.iOSAppSamplr – Touch the Music, v1.2.2 (4+) Marcos AlonsoAppPatterning : Drum MachineOlympia Noise Co.iOS AppPacemaker DJ – Mix the music you love fromiTunes aPacemaker Music ABIn-App PurchasePeter Vogel CMI, v2.0.1 (4+) Peter Vogel Instruments Pty LtdiOS AppBIAS – Amps!, v1.1.3 (4+) Positive Grid InciOS AppJamUp Pro XT – Multi Effects Processor, v3.0.1 (4+Positive Grid InciOSAppReactable mobile, v2.1.4 (4+) Reactable Systems SLAppCaustic, v3.1.0 (4+) Rejean PoirieriOS AppcsGrain, v1.3 (4+) Richard BoulangeriOS AppZed Synth, v1.1 (4+) Richard MeyeriOS AppSeekBeats, v1.1.1 (4+) Rodrigo YaneziOS AppNLogSynth PRO, v5.1.3 (4+) Rolf WohrmannAppStudioTrack, v1.5 (4+) Sonoma Wire WorksiOS AppEffectrix, v1.0.2 (4+) Sugar Bytes GmbHiOS AppTurnado, v1.1.5 (4+) Sugar Bytes GmbHiOS AppVoice Jam Studio: Looper, Effects Processor & MultTC-Helicon Vocal TechnologiesiOS AppB-Step Sequencer 2 Pro, v2.1 (4+) Thomas ArndtiOS AppAddictive Synth, v2.2.0 (4+) VirSyn Software SynthesizerAppCube Synth, v1.0.1 (4+) VirSyn Software SynthesizeriOS AppTera Synth, v1.0.0 (4+) VIRSYN SOFTWARE SYNTHESIZERiOS AppAudulus, v2.5 (4+) Wilson HollidayiOSAppGeo Synthesizer, v1.1.2 (4+) Wizdom Music LLCiOS AppHarmonyWiz, v1.0.2 (4+) Wizdom Music LLCiOS AppJordantron, v1.08 (4+) Wizdom Music LLCiOS AppMorphWiz, v1.2.2 (4+) Wizdom Music LLCiOS AppSampleWiz, v1.4.1 (4+) Wizdom Music LLCiOS AppStroke Machine, v2.0.0 (4+) Wolfram FrankeiOS AppGrain Science, v1.5 (4+) Wooji Juice LtdiOSAppHokusai Audio Editor, Complete Pro Pack Wooji Juice LtdIn-App PurchaseMitosynth, v1.0 (4+) Wooji Juice LtdiOS AppSymphony Pro, v3.5.7 (4+) Xenon Labs, LLCiOS AppTNR-e – US, v1.0.0 (4+) Yamaha Corporation of AmericaiOS AppTNR-i – US, v1.5.1 (4+) Yamaha Corporation of AmericaiOSAppAmpKit+, v1.8 (4+) AGILE PARTNERS TECHNOLOGIES, LLCiOSAppLiveFX • DJ Effects Kit, v1.2 (4+) Elephant CandyiOS AppPro Chords – Instant Inspiration – w. WiFi MIDI, vGroundcontrol ApSAppMidiBridge, v1.58 (4+) Soft AudioiOS AppThumbJam, v2.3 (4+) Sonosaurus LLCAppSpectre Modular Midi Sequencer, v1.0 (4+) Anthony HendersoniOSAppiLectric Piano for iPad, v1.1.1 (4+) IK Multimedia US, LLCiOSAppiRing FX/Controller, Fx Bundle 1 IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseSECTOR, v0.9 (4+) jonatan liljedahliOS AppTouch Notation, v1.0.101 (4+) Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd.iOS AppDrumPerfect, v1.04 (4+) Marinus J.G. van de MolengraftiOS AppFiltatron, v1.1.3 (4+) Moog Music Inc.AppElastic DrumsO-G-SUSiOS AppSopranotron, v3.0 (4+) Omenie LimitediOS AppDrumJam, v1.1.1 (4+) Sonosaurus LLCAppThesys, v1.0.4 (4+) Sugar Bytes GmbHiOS AppWOW Filterbox, v2.0.3 (4+) Sugar Bytes GmbHiOS AppMobile Music Sequencer – US, v3.0.0 (4+) Yamaha Corporation of AmericaiOSAppSynth Arp & Drum Pad -US, v1.2.0 (4+) Yamaha Corporation of AmericaAppiMPC, v1.2 (4+) Akai ProfessionalAppapeFilter, v1.0 (4+) Alessandro PetrolatiiOS AppSparkle – Advanced Cross-Synthesis, v1.0 (4+) Alessandro PetrolatiiOS AppMusic Studio, All-in-one pack ALEXANDER GROSSIn-AppPurchaseTC-Performer, All Packs + TranspositionBit ShapeIn-App PurchaseWerkBench, v2.0.0 (4+) Bolasol, Inc.iOS AppAlchemy Synth Mobile Studio, Pro Upgrade Camel Audio LimitedIn-AppPurchaseDedalus – Delay Audio Mangler, v1.0 (4+) ConTempoNet S.A.S. di Maurizio Refice & C.iOS AppGenome MIDI Sequencer, v1.1.3 (4+) DAVID WALLINiOS AppNovation Launchpad, Audio ImportFocusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.In-App PurchaseMaster FX, v1.1 (4+) Igor VasilieviOSAppMIDI Pattern Sequencer, v1.3 (4+) Igor VasilieviOS AppAmpliTube for iPad, All Styles 2 Pack IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseAmpliTube for iPad, Complete Fender Bundle IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseAmpliTube for iPad, Complete Slash Bundle IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseAmpliTube for iPad, Hendrix Bundle IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseAmpliTube for iPad, Orange Complete Bundle IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCIn-App PurchaseAmpliTube Orange for iPad, v1.0 (4+) IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCiOS AppPearl Guitar, Premium Mode ILYA PLAVUNOVIn-AppPurchaseKORG Gadget, Bilbao KORG INC.In-App PurchaseAnimoog, Minimoog Model D Expansion Pack Moog Music Inc.In-AppPurchaseOndes : Expressive Electronic Instrument, v1.1 (4+Olympia Noise Co.iOS AppModular Synthesizer, All Modules Bundle Pulse Code, Inc.In-AppPurchaseVoice Synth, v3.1 (4+) QneoiOSAppCubasis – Music Production System, FX Pack 1: ReveSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHIn-App PurchaseCubasis – Music Production System, FX Pack 2: VintSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHIn-App PurchaseGalileo Organ, v1.1 (4+) Yonac Inc.iOS AppMagellan, v3.0 (4+) Yonac Inc.iOS App4Pockets Music Standard Pack (4+) Limelight SoftwareApp BundleGuitarToolkit, v2.4 (4+) AGILE PARTNERS TECHNOLOGIES, LLCiOSAppProfessor, v1.1 (4+) alexander smithiOS AppSunVox, v1.7.3c (4+) ALEXANDER ZOLOTOVAppZillidrone groovebox, v1.0 (4+) Andrey SavitskyiOS AppUltraPhaser, v1.2 (4+) Elephant CandyiOS AppDrum School, v2.3 (4+) Ferenc NemethiOSAppKoushion MIDI Step Sequencer, v4.0 (4+) Ian WagneriOS AppLORENTZ Polyphonic SynthesizericeWorks, Inc.iOS AppAltiSpace – Convolution Reverb, v1.1 (4+) Igor VasilieviOS AppAudio Mastering, v1.5 (4+) Igor VasilieviOS AppSoundScaper – An experimental sound mini lab, v1.0Igor VasilieviOS AppFL Studio Mobile HD, Varazdin Orchestral Mobile image-lineIn-App PurchaseEpic Synth analog synthesizer for AudioBus, v2.4 (Jean-Pierre MartineauiOS AppGestrument, v1.4 (4+) Jesper NordiniOSAppEnkl – monophonic synthesizerKlevgrand Produktion ABiOS AppLoopseque, v2.7 (4+) Natalia MyasnikovaAppRD4 – Groovebox, RD4 – Groovebox Premium Version Nils Krueger und Toine DiepstratenIn-App PurchaseScape, v1.1 (4+) Opal LimitediOS AppEveryday Looper, v1.5.3 (4+) Raphael AlexandreAppPhase84, v1.1 (4+) Retronyms InciOS AppLoopMash HD, v1.2.0 (4+) STEINBERG MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES GMBHiOSAppzMors Modular, v1.0 (4+) Sven BrauniOS AppFunkBox Drum Machine, v3.3 (4+) Synthetic Bits, LLCAppSessionBand for iPad, Complete Bundle UK Music Apps LtdIn-AppPurchaseAudiobus, v1.0.2.1 (4+) A Tasty PixelAppLoAdKer, v1.1.1 (4+) Achilleas SourlasiOS AppiDensity, v1.6 (4+) Alessandro PetrolatiiOS AppiPulsaret, v1.6 (4+) Alessandro PetrolatiiOS AppStria, v1.2 (4+) Alessandro PetrolatiiOS AppGlitchBreaks, v1.22 (4+) Alexander MatheuAppdjay 2, v2.2.1 (4+) ALGORIDDIM GMBHiOS Appdjay, v1.6.5 (4+) ALGORIDDIM GMBHAppEGSY01 Analog Synth, v2.1 (4+) andrea angeliniiOS AppmidiSequencer, v1.6 (4+) anthony saundersiOS AppGarageBand, v1.4 (4+) Apple Inc.AppSequential for iPad, v1.0.1 (4+) Artemiy PavloviOS AppmidiLFOs – midi modulation toyArthur KernsiOS AppQuincy, v1.0.2 (4+) ARTHUR ROOLFSiOS AppiMini, v1.4 (4+) ArturiaiOS AppSoundPrism Electro, v1.0 (4+) Audanika GmbHiOS AppSoundPrism Pro, v2.7 (4+) Audanika GmbHiOSAppAudiobus RemoteAudiobus Pty. Ltd.iOS AppAudiobus, Audiobus Multi-Routing Audiobus Pty. Ltd.In-App PurchasebirdStepper, v1.0.1 (4+) birdSound L. L. C.iOS AppNebula – realtime granular synthesis, v1.0 (4+) Carmine Emanuele Cella (Cryptosound)iOS AppEasyBeats 2 Pro Drum Machine – Beat or Program DruCHRISTIAN INKSTERAppSynthTronica, v1.0.3 (4+) CHRISTOPHER PENROSEiOSAppJasuto Pro modular synthesizer, v1.3.2 (4+) Christopher WolfeAppWaveSynth Pro, v1.1 (4+) CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, INC.iOSAppModal Pro, v1.0.1 (4+) dango Inc.iOS AppPocket Beats Drum Machine, Pocket Beats Pro Dream Engine Interactive, Inc.In-AppPurchasePraxis Beats Drum Machine, v1.0.2 (4+) Dream Engine Interactive, Inc.iOS AppMIDI MIND, v1.10 (4+) Dyslexia Software LtdiOS AppiTuttle, v1.0.3 (4+) Fabien MANCHECiOSAppDM1 – The Drum Machine, v4.0.1 (4+) Fingerlab SARLAppRunxt Life Plus, v1.1 (4+) Firma 103iOS AppNovation Launchpad, Delay FX Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.In-App PurchaseCotracks, v1.0.12 (4+) Futucraft OyiOSAppAudioStretch, v2.2 (4+) Gerald BeauregardiOS AppCrystal Synth XT, v1.9.1 (4+) Green Oak SoftwareiOSAppJohnny – Multiwave Tremolo Effects ProcessorHolderness MediaiOS AppGuide Track, v1.0.0 (4+) Hologramophone Research, Inc.iOS AppCASSINI Synth for iPad, v1.1.0 (4+) iceWorks, Inc.AppLaplace – Resonator Synth, v1.0.0 (4+) iceWorks, Inc.iOS AppAmpliTube for iPad, Ampeg B-15R IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseiGrand Piano for iPad, Piano Expansion Pack 2IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseiGrand Piano for iPad, Piano Expansion Pack IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-AppPurchaseiLectric Piano for iPad, Electric Piano Expansion IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseiLectric Piano for iPad, Electric Piano Expansion IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-AppPurchaseiRing FX/Controller, Fx Bundle 2 IK Multimedia US, LLCIn-App PurchaseGrooveMaker 2, v1.2.1 (4+) IK MULTIMEDIA US. LLCiOS AppChordMate, v3.0.3 (4+) Ilya BelenkiyiOS AppTouch DJ™ Evolution – Visual Mixing, Key Lock, AutILYA PLAVUNOVIn-AppPurchaseELECTRIFY, v2.5.2 (4+) Ingolf KochiOSAppiPro.DJSampler, iPro.Feature – Mega Pack iThirtySeven Pty LtdIn-AppPurchaseImpaktor – The drum synthesizer, v1.2 (4+) JAROSLAW JACEK 297956092AppAUFX:Pushjonatan liljedahliOS AppThereMIDIKai ArasiOS AppKorvpressor – smart dynamic hotdog deviceKlevgrand Produktion ABAppPressIt multiband compressorKlevgrand Produktion ABiOS AppMIDI Fretboard – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, ShaKONG WILSONiOS AppKORG cortosia – GOOD SOUND TUNER, v1.1.0 (4+) KORG INC.iOS AppKORG iM1, M1 Cards Pack KORG INC.In-App PurchaseKORG iM1, T1 Cards Pack KORG INC.In-App PurchaseSynthMaster Player, EDM Stars Volume 1KV331 AudioIn-App PurchaseSynthMaster Player, Factory Presets (PRO Upgrade) KV331 YAZILIM LTD STIIn-App PurchaseChordbot, v2.0.5 (4+) Lars CareliussoniOSAppMoDrum Rhythm Composer, v3.7 (4+) Markus WaldbothAppSuggester – Chord Progression Tool and Musical ScaMathieu RouthierIn-AppPurchaseNeo-Soul Keys, EX5 MIDIculous LLCIn-AppPurchaseNeo-Soul Keys, Stage MIDIculous LLCIn-AppPurchaseBeat Slice – DJ Remix and Ringtone Maker, Pro UpgrMiniature Titans Inc.In-AppPurchaseJamnPRO – The musician’s multi-tool, v3.0.6 (4+) MiQ LimitediOS AppiMashup – Mashup Remix App, v2.0 (4+) Mixed In Key, LLCiOSAppLooptical, v1.1.1 (4+) MooCowMusic Ltd.iOS AppAnimoog, Devine Expansion Pack Moog Music Inc.In-App PurchaseAnimoog, MIDI Expansion Pack Moog Music Inc.In-App PurchaseAnimoog, Monster Moog Expansion Pack Moog Music Inc.In-AppPurchaseAnimoog, The Grateful Dead Expansion Pack Moog Music Inc.In-AppPurchaseAnimoog, v2.1.1 (4+) Moog Music Inc.iOSAppArctic Keys, v1.2.4 (4+) One Red Dog Media Pty LtdiOS AppMemory Mosaic, v1.6 (4+) Parag MitaliOS AppTwelve Tone, v3.0 (4+) PATRICK KELLYiOS AppMIDImorphosis – Polyphonic Audio to MIDI ConversioPatrick MaddeniOSAppPepp, Unlock Pepp PATRIK HEDMALMIn-App PurchaseProtein Der Klang, v1.2.2 (4+) Pierre GuilluyiOS AppOscilab, v1.0 (4+) POCKETBAND LLCiOS AppBIAS – Guitar and Bass Amp Designer and Modeler foPositive Grid InciOS AppBIAS – Guitar and Bass Amp Designer and Modeler, CPositive Grid IncIn-App PurchaseBIAS – Guitar and Bass Amp Designer and Modeler, GPositive Grid IncIn-App PurchaseBIAS – Guitar and Bass Amp Designer and Modeler, IPositive Grid IncIn-App PurchaseJamUp Pro XT – Multi Effects Processor, Bass ExpanPositive Grid IncIn-App PurchaseJamUp Pro XT – Multi Effects Processor, Bass ExpanPositive Grid IncIn-App PurchaseJamUp Pro XT – Multi Effects Processor, Effect ExpPositive Grid IncIn-App PurchaseEarhoof, v1.0.1 (4+) Psicada, LLCiOS AppPsyx, v1.0.1 (4+) Psyx Research, InciOS AppRhythm Studio, v1.09 (4+) Pulse Code, Inc.AppTouchOSC, v1.9.1 (4+) R.J. FISCHERAppTouchViZ, v1.1.0 (4+) Robert FISCHERiOS AppR960Seq, v1.0 (4+) ROGER MANNiOSAppOrphion, v1.5 (4+) Sebastian TrumpAppStompwatchSecret Base DesigniOS Appbismark bs-16i, v2.1 (4+) SHUN MURABAYASHIiOS AppS4 Rhythm Composer ProSobal CorporationAppVST Connect Performer, v2.0.30 (4+) Steinberg Media Technologies GmbHiOS AppUnity Synthesizer, v1.3.6 (4+) Steve OConnelliOS AppCapo touch, v2.0.3 (4+) SuperMegaUltraGroovy, Inc.iOS AppPhotophore Synth, v1.0 (4+) Taika Systems Ltd.iOS AppVoice Rack: FX – Vocal Effects Processor, v1.0.00 TC-Helicon Vocal TechnologiesiOS AppChord! – Guitar Songbook, Chords and Scales, v2.0.Thomas GrapperoniOS AppBeatHawk, v1.0 (4+) Univers SonsiOS AppElectroBeats by David Guetta, v1.5.1 (4+) Univers SonsiOS AppSonic Logic, v1.2.1 (4+) Uri NachmiasiOSAppDiode-108 Drum Machine, v1.1.0 (4+) Vibrant Digital Engineering, Inc.iOS AppArpeggistVirSynAppTap DelayVirSyniOS AppAudioReverb, v1.1.1 (4+) VirSyn Software SynthesizeriOS AppHarmony Voice, v2.1 (4+) VirSyn Software SynthesizeriOS AppiSyn Poly, v2.0 (4+) VirSyn Software SynthesizeriOSAppiVoxel, v2.6.0 (4+) VirSyn Software SynthesizeriOSAppmicroTERA, v1.0 (4+) VirSyn Software SynthesizeriOS AppSynthX, v2.0 (4+) WAY OUT WARE, INC.iOS AppStudio 2, v2.0.4 (4+) XME, INC.iOS AppMagellan, Sunsine Audio – Explorer 1-3 Preset BundYonac Inc.In-AppPurchaseToneStack, v1.0 (4+) Yonac Inc.iOS AppGestrument & ScaleGen (4+) Jesper NordinApp BundleLoopy HD, v1.4.7 (4+) A Tasty PixeliOS AppSliver, v1.0 (4+) Alexander MatheuiOS AppGRIT, v1.6 (9+) alexander smithiOS Appinterpol, v1 (4+) alexander smithiOSAppSIDPAD, SidPad Pro Mode alexander smithIn-AppPurchaseSTIX Electronic Drum Synthesizer, v1 (4+) alexander smithiOSAppStudio 1111 – 303 + 808, Upgrade to Pro alexander smithIn-AppPurchaseVirtual ANS, v2.0 (4+) ALEXANDER ZOLOTOViOSAppDrumStudioAndrew BluffAppMutate for iPad, v1.0 (4+) Bitmask Studio LtdiOS AppGenius Songwriter, v2.11 (4+) Carl HudsoniOS AppChordBank: Guitar Chords & Tuner, Pro Upgrade Christopher LaddIn-App PurchaseRudidrum, v1.1 (4+) Coi Conception D’Outils Informatiques Inc.iOS AppReverb – Feedback Delay Network, v1.0.2 (4+) ConTempoNet S.A.S. di Maurizio Refice & C.iOS Appbleep!BOX, v1.4.3 (4+) DAVID WALLINiOS AppAudio Analyzer, v1.1 (4+) DEXUS Pawel KrzywdzinskiiOS AppMIDI SolFa Mode-Go-RoundDr. Garbers SoftwareentwicklungiOS AppMusyc Pro, v2.0.1 (4+) Fingerlab SARLiOS AppMusyc, Full Version Fingerlab SARLIn-App PurchaseSamples, PRO Giorgio CalderollaIn-App PurchaseMaster Record, v1.2 (4+) Igor VasilieviOS AppiRig Recorder, v1.5.3 (4+) IK MULTIMEDIA US. 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