Yamaha Wx5 Midi Wind ControllerYamaha Wx5 Midi Wind Controller

Used only in the studio. Comes with original bag and power supply. Mint condition as seen in the photo. Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller at a Glance:Four fingering styles for ease of useReed-style mouthpiece for realistic sax emulations, plus recorder mouthpiece includedFully GM compatible, plus Yamaha XG and VL compatibilityThe controller for almost any wind player! Whether you play flute, sax, brass instrument, or whatever, the WX5’s 16-key layout gives you the setup options to make playing a breeze. The WX5 can be set to any of three saxophone fingerings or flute to ensure comfortable playing for any player.Yamaha WX5 fingering options:Saxophone (a) Mode: Basically the same as saxophone fingering, except that the fingering remains the same in all octaves, and thus easy to learn.Saxophone (b) Mode: This mode is similar to Saxophone (a), but with additional trill key functions to facilitate rapid passages. This fingering is similar to that on the WX5’s predecessor, the Yamaha WX11.Flute Mode: Similar to flute fingering, this mode is ideal for players who are familiar with flute fingering. Rather that continuous pitch bend in response to lip pressure, the pitch jumps up one octave when lip pressure is applied simulating the “overblow” octave shift on an acoustic flute.Saxophone (c) Mode: A variation of the Saxophone (a) fingering mode, this mode allows saxophone-type alternate fingerings. Although alternate fingerings produce the same note, they produce slight variations in pitch and timbre which can be used for musical effect.A reed to bite! The WX5 comes with a reed-emulating high-resolution wind/lip sensor to give you the power of expression you need. Bite down on the reed and change pitch, just like a real sax! In addition, the WX5 includes a recorder-style mouthpiece that works effectively in flute mode.Fully GM, XG, and VL compatible The WX5 is fully compatible with General MIDI (GM) instrument sets. For enhanced sound selection, pair the WX5 with any of Yamaha’s XG series of expanded GM-soundset instruments. And finally, the Yamaha VL70-m Tone Generator is custom-made for the WX5, providing modeled voices that respond especially well to the WX5’s controls.MIDI connection plus battery power for convenience You can connect your WX5 to any MIDI input using its built-in MIDI jack. When you use the VL70-m, an optional cable provides both MIDI and power to the WX5. Otherwise, you can run your WX5 on battery power or use an optional AC adapter.Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller Features:MIDI and WX out onboardHigh resolution breath and lip sensors16 key layout for sax compatibilityFour fingering modesPitch bend wheel (assignable)2 mouthpieces – sax (with reed) and recorder (no reed)Sends program change and bank selectXG, GS, and VL compatibility4 hold modesUses 6 AAA batteries, optional PA130 power supply, or power from VL70-m available