Akai Mpc 3000 - 3.50 Vailixi, Internal Cf, 32mb Maxed Out MemoryAkai Mpc 3000 - 3.50 Vailixi, Internal Cf, 32mb Maxed Out Memory

Man… what can you say about the MPC 3000? It’s the best machine ever made in my opinion. The workflow is great, the sound is warm and lovely. The feel of the pads is better than any other MPC that came after. It’s majestic. This specific MPC is a Japan-made model that feels like a tank. Perfectly ergonomic and sturdy. The LCD is bright and all of the pads work great. I’ve also replaced the stock 3.10 Akai OS with the fabled 3.50 Vailixi EPROM. The functionality you get out of it is priceless. Along with this I’ve installed the MPCSTUFF Internal CF Reader which makes it incredibly reliable as well. Knowing how many Zip drives I’ve had go bad, this is a must have. I’ve thrown in a 4GB CF that works with the OS as well. The MPC can only partition 26 different levels of 32mb so there was no point in throwing in a larger one, and most CF cards don’t work with the OS so you won’t have to deal with that headache (however, the 3000 doesn’t have hot swappable capabilities, so you can’t pull it out or put it in after turning it on). Just for you guys I’ll throw in an external SCSI Zip Drive with it. The internal memory is maxed out to 32mb, giving it 189 secs in Stereo and 378 in Mono, more than you’ll ever need for a program. It’ll also come in the original box (when I bought it the box was covered in tape so if you’re a collector, sorry for the condition but hey! it’s the box), the owner’s manual and the power cable. Now I’d be lying if I said there weren’t minor faults with this one in particular. There are a few scuffs and scratches around the casing, but any defects are small cosmetic ones. The headphone jack also has a light ring in it, but after some investigation I’ve learned that the headphone jack was designed with a flaw in the grounding. If you google “MPC 3000 headphone ground,” there’ll be instructions for you to ground it to another area of the chassis. I would’ve fixed it but I never used headphones with it and never had a soldering iron. Overall, this is a fantastic machine and you probably can’t ask for a better sampler. If it was good enough for J Dilla without some of these upgrades, it should be more than enough for you. P.S. I dropped my phone on the ground and there’s a little black dot in all the pictures. That’s not real.