E-mu E6400 Ultra Emulator 4 Sampler Emu E-mu E6400 Ultra Emulator 4 Sampler Emu

EMU E6400 Ultra – In beautiful condition, fully up to date and loaded to the max with all extras you’ll ever need. Everything is set up, all components compatible, working great, and ready to go. All of the pain taken care of (trust me, getting everything perfect – even getting EOS 4.7 loaded – can be a royal pain). EOS operating system 4.7 installed (latest) Expanded to the max 128 MB of RAM. 120 GB internal ide HD (replaced the original floppy drive –cover pad on the front in photo seals in the new HD for quieter operation). FAT32 Formatted. Replaced internal cooling fan with new silent fan. Beautiful custom integral carrying case/rack. Sony CD ROM SCSI drive with all necessary cables/connections/terminators. Original Manual Unit is loaded with the best Sample CDs + you get back-up CDs of almost everything (see below). A folder with documents of all of the loaded CDs itemizing all of the banks…invaluable for finding a certain sound. A CD of the Word Documents mentioned above Sure, you might find an Ultra (and make sure you’re getting an “Ultra”) cheaper on ebay, but then what? Remember, the sampler has no internal sounds, it’s just a tool (an amazing one at that), and just one component of what you’ll need. Does that other listing include a compatible CD ROM drive? A LARGE internal HD to store samples (those sample files add up quickly)? Most of what you’ll spend on the sampler will be acquiring the very expensive sounds. With this package you get all of the good ones out there, including many of the great Akai samples converted (with Chicken Systems “Translator”) to EMU format, so they can be saved on the hard drive (otherwise, every time you wanted one of these sounds you’d have to drag out a box of disks……plus they load much faster from a HD). Most think the Akai samples sound better and warmer on the EMU than on an Akai sampler because of EMUs proprietary filters. Original Sample CDs included (and loaded on the sampler): Emulator Classic Series • Vol 1: Standards – Strings, Brass, keyboards and Ethnic • Vol 2 : Standards – Additional Strings, Brass, keyboards and Ethnic • Vol 3 : Orchestral • Vol 4: Sound Effects • Vol 5 : World Instruments • Vol 6 : World Percussion / Ensembles • Vol 7 : E-MU Classics • Vol 8 : Vintage Synths • Producer Series Volume 1 • Producer Series Volume 2 • Producer Series Volume 3 Sampler Loaded with additional CDs (1000’s of dollars worth – all the best) – most with translated CD included: • Emulator Classic Series Vol 9 Psychic Horns • Emulator Classic Series Vol 10 Classic Banks • Emulator Classic Series Vol 11 Classic Banks • Emulator Classic Series Vol 15 Dan Dean Bass Collection • ESI Production Soundset 1 • ESI Production Soundset 2 • Distorted Reality 1 • Distorted Reality 2 (Darkness and Light) • Symphony of Voices – disk 1 (London Choir) • Symphony of Voices – disk 2 (Classical Soloists and Choir FX) • Symphony of Voices – disk 3 (Boys Choir and Gregorian Choir) • Symphony of Voices – disk 4 (Pop Stacks) • Symphony of Voices – disk 5 (additional Voices) • Vintage Time Traveler (ILIO) • Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orchestra #4 – Brass and Effects • Peter Siedlaczek’s –Percussion & Harp • Quantum Leap Brass Vol 20 – Orchestral Brass • Quantum Leap Brass, Vol 4 – Saxophones • Quantum Leap Rare Instruments 3 • Prosamples Vol 11 – Classic Orchestra • Heart of Africa 1 • Heart of Africa 2 • Michel Post Accordions • East Collexion Horns and Brass • ESI Earthtones • Analog Odyssey • American Heartland • Lightwave 3 • Lightwave 4 • Invision Vol 4 • Early Instruments And more misc custom folders/user banks & EFX Here’s a list of all the folders on the Hard drive in the order and name that you’ll see them, with an expanded explanation as needed. (the Word doc binder of these folers is in alphabetical order of the Folder names as they appear on the E6400, so you can find stuff quickly): PercHarp1 – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 5 Percussion & Harp (disk 1) Earth Tones Analog Odyssey Vol 10 (Emu Classics) Vol 11 (Emu Classics) Vol 12 (Emu Classics) EIIIX Vol 15 (Emu Classics – Dan Dean Bass) Boom da Bass Strictly Synthesizer Analog Rhythm Boom da Drumz Symphonics Strung Out Misc1 – Instruments Misc1 – Multis Misc1 – Sprints Misc1 – SFX Classic Orchestra – ProSamples Vol 11, Classic Orchestra LightWav3 Misc2 Standard Instruments Misc2 Unique Instruments Misc2 Effects Misc2 Drums/Perc Misc2 Sprints American Heartland PS1 Key Sprints (Producer Series 1) PS1 Comp Sprints (Producer Series 1) PS1 Keyboards (Producer Series 1) PS1 Compo Solo (Producer Series 1) PS1 Key Sprints (Producer Series) PS1 Compo Solo (Producer Series 1) PS1 Combo (Producer Series 1) PS2 Key Sprints (Producer Series 2) PS2 Comp Sprints (Producer Series 2) PS2 Keyboards (Producer Series 2) PS2 Composer (Producer Series 2) PS2 SFX (Producer Series 2) PS3 Science (Producer Series 3) PS3 Ambient (Producer Series 3) PS3 Transportation (Producer Series 3) PS3 Water (Producer Series 3) PS3 Human (Producer Series 3) PS3 Miscellaneous (Producer Series 3) Accordions (Michel Post Accordions) Vol 1 Standards Vol 2 Standards Vol 3 Orchestra Vol 4 EFX Vol 5 World Vol 6 World Vol 7 Classics Vol 8 Vintage Vol 9 Psychic horns DistReal1 (A-I) – Distorted Reality 1 SOVoice1 – Symphony of Voices 1 (London Choir) SOVoice2 – Symphony of Voices 2 (Classical Soloists & Choir FX) SOVoice3 – Symphony of Voices 3 (Boys Choir & Gregorian Choir) SOVoice4 – Symphony of Voices 4 (Pop Stacks) SOVoice5 – Symphony of Voices 5 (Additional Voices) RareInst3 – Quantum Leap Rare instruments Vol 3 SAX brass – Quantum Leap Brass Vol 4 DarkLite1 (A-I) – Distorted Reality 2 “Darkness & Light” disk 1 DarkLite2 (A-I) – Distorted Reality 2 “Darkness & Light” disk 2 HornsBrassEC – East Collexion Horns and Brass QLOrchBrassV20 – Quantum Leap Orchestral Brass Vol 20 HeartAfrica1 – Heart of Africa #1 HeartAfrica2 – Heart of Africa #2 Early Instruments PercHarp2 – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 5 Percussion & Harp (disk 2) UserSamples EFX VT Hammond1 – Vintage Time Traveler VT Hammond2 – Vintage Time Traveler VT Org+TapeMachn – Vintage Time Traveler VT EPs+Clavs – Vintage Time Traveler VT Synths1 – Vintage Time Traveler VT Synths2 – Vintage Time Traveler VT Guitars – Vintage Time Traveler VT Bass+Drums – Vintage Time Traveler VT Gtr+SoundFX – Vintage Time Traveler VT Mono – Vintage Time Traveler OrchBrsA – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 4 Brass & Effects (part A) OrchBrsB – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 4 Brass & Effects (part B) OrchBrsC – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 4 Brass & Effects (part C) OrchBrsD – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 4 Brass & Effects (part D) OrchBrsE – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 4 Brass & Effects (part E) OrchBrsF – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 4 Brass & Effects (part F) OrchBrsGH – Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orch 4 Brass & Effects (part GH) LoopMaster Samples KurzEthnic ProdSetA – EMU Production Soundset A ProdSetB – EMU Production Soundset B EMU misc1 LightWav4 InvisionV4 IceColdTek – Ice Cold Tekno Lower 48 states shipping will be $39 (US shipping by me to lower 48 states only). International shipping per Ebay rates Package will be approx 45lbs 30″ x 24″ x 24″