Electrix Repeater Loop Based RecorderElectrix Repeater Loop Based Recorder

Electrix Loop Based Recorder with new Operating System (OS 2.1) software that allows you to record 4 simultaneous tracks and overdub up to 3 loops on each track which means you can have 12 loops playing simultaneously. 4 channel mixer with faders allows you to mix loops in/out on selected tracks which amazes a live audience. They can’t tell what’s going on but you can control all of your loops and pre-record them. You can also bounce all 4 channels/tracks to one track and start looping again using the free tracks. Other capabilities include Slip, Trim, Panning, and Pitch control as well as a reverse function which you can control on any track at any time. You can also pre-select a saved set of tracks and have your current tracks mix into a new set of pre-programmed tracks. You can restart a track, sample, or loop like a DJ and create and control sounds on each individual track while mixing in/out other tracks. You can multiply a loop in measures to lengthen or quantize a looped phrase. There is also an FX button and resample option to create mixes and add effects back into the track. It has erase/undo, copy, and overdub functions which are very easy to use. There aren’t any other loopers that allow you to control 4 tracks simultaneously let alone store the loops on easy to use memory cards. This is an easy to carry rack mount unit which is very durable. There are few loopers that allow you to save your creations and none that also give you 4 channel/mixing capabilities with fader controls. A foot switch can also be used. Comes with Owners Manual and 3 hitachi/ simple tech brand specific storage cards (which are hard to find) allowing for 768 MB storage for songs and tracks which is more than any looper out there. You can also get additional storage cards and format them to the unit, though there is a ton of memory on these 3. This is a lightly used unit that has been kept in a very well maintained home studio. All the buttons, knobs, inputs, and faders work. No dings, dents, or scratches except one very minor scratch on the headphone input/volume control. This is one of the best loopers made and will only get more expensive as a collector’s item since there are only a limited amount made.