Ensoniq Asr-88 Fully Loaded Purple Screen (like Asr-10 Only Bigger)Ensoniq Asr-88 Fully Loaded Purple Screen (like Asr-10 Only Bigger)

Sorry for the long listing, but there is a lot to cover. You are bidding on a fully loaded Ensoniq ASR-88 sampling synthesizer. The ASR line of advanced sampling recorders were a combination sampler/synthesizer/digital audio recorder that took the industry by storm in the mid-90’s. You can do sample splits, layers, looping and crossfading and other sampling edits easily. Once more you can edit those samples like any waveform synthesizer with envelope generators, LFO, digital filters and sweet built in signal effects. The ASR was used by noteworthy artists like Kanye West, Alchemist, Beck, Rammstein, Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Qbert and much more. This one was made in 1997, which is one of the latest in its line. As such it has the coveted “purple LCD screen” with a much better resolution than older ASR LED screens, and is able to import samples from Roland and Akai sample formats. The ASR-88 is a souped up version of the Ensoniq ASR-10 with 16MB of internal memory, a built in SCSI interface, and digital I/O connections. Best of all it has the full 88 weighed keys covering the entire piano range. It is a beast at 63lbs and almost 56″ long. This sampler is fully functional with all the buttons, keys, inputs and outputs in full working order. It has been stored indoors in a dry, smoke free environment the entire time I have owned it. Cosmetically it’s in great condition with just a few minor scratches not noticeable unless close up. It includes the most up to date OS disk (3.53) and a whole lot more. You’re not just getting the sampler. You are getting a host of accessories and tons of samples. Here’s what’s included: ASR-88 SamplerOn-Stage Pro Heavy Duty keyboard stand2 – OS v3.53 disks (the original is damaged so I made a copy)Ensoniq OS Extractor disk (in case you ever need it)ASR-88 Handbook ASR-10 Applications GuideASR-10 Musicians ManualASR-10 Essential Sound ManualSCSI CD-ROM Drive (Media Vision Reno Portable CD-ROM Player)SCSI 1GB Hard Drive (Corporate Systems Center HD)SCSI 250BM Iomega Zip DriveEight blank 250MB Iomega Zip disks135 Floppy Disk Samples17 Sample CD ROMs (well over 6000 samples!)SCSI Cables: One C50 to HD50 Two DB25 to HD50 One HD50 to HD50 Two DB25 to DB25 One C50 to DB25 Two DB25 to HD50 adapters Power Cable All of the manuals are original and in excellent condition. There is also some manuals and paperwork included for the sample discs in variable levels of quality. The SCSI hard drive has never been used, and you should have all the SCSI cables you need to chain all of the included SCSI products and then some. As for sounds you are getting 17 Sample CD’s. Some are original, but many are copies (most are copies of originals that got damaged during a move, and some are just copies passed onto me). There are also 135 floppy disks filled with samples. They are essentially choice samples from the CDs so consider them duplicates. Here is the breakdown of sounds you get: CDR-1 EPS Library Archive 603 instruments altogether – all of the original in-the-box sounds from the EPS (Ensoniq Performance Sampler), all thirteen of the SLT libraries created for the EPS, and twelve of the EPS Signature Series sets (ESS-1 through ESS-12). It also includes the original demo banks and sequences, plus “Bonus Beats” sequences which allow you to instantly produce professional-quality drum tracks. This CD does not contain instruments with sizes exceeding 2085 blocks. Basses: 59 instruments Sound Effects: 74 instrumentsDrums & Percussion: 120 instruments Stringed: 68 instrumentsMallets & Bells: 35 instruments Synth Sounds: 118 instrumentsOrgans: 26 instruments Vocal Sounds: 25 instrumentsPianos: 33 instruments Winds & Brass: 45 instruments CDR-2 EPS-16 Plus Library Archive 396 instruments, including all of the original in-the-box sounds from the EPS-16 Plus, all twenty of the SL libraries created for the EPS-16 Plus, and eight of the EPS-16 Plus Signature Series sets (ESS-13 through ESS-20). It also includes the original demo banks and sequences. This CD contains only 11 instruments with sizes exceeding 2085 blocks. Contributing artists include Phil Ramone, Marcus Miller, Maurice White, and Jeff Lorber. Basses: 48 instruments Stringed: 76 instrumentsDrums & Percussion: 64 instruments Synth Sounds: 51 instrumentsOrgans: 8 instruments Vocal Sounds: 26 instrumentsPianos: 17 instruments Winds & Brass: 42 instruments CDR-3 Studio Essentials Includes large sample files created by top recording artists, plus a variety of world-percussion instruments, no-compromise grand pianos, and large unlooped vocal sounds. This disk takes full advantage of the ASR-88’s memory. Basses: 24 instruments Sound Effects: 17 instrumentsDrums & Percussion: 28 instruments Stringed: 12 instrumentsMallets & Bells: 2 instruments Synth Sounds: 9 instrumentsOrgans: 5 instruments Vocal Sounds: 3 instrumentsPianos: 7 instruments Winds & Brass: 10 instruments CDR-4 AS Archives Volume 1 This CD-ROM is Ensoniq’s compilation of the AS-1 through AS-14 libraries created for the ASR-10. This CD also includes the ASR-10 in-the-box sounds, and the special “Essential Samples” created for the TS keyboards. Altogether, it’s an incredible collection of sounds ranging from classic pianos to hip-hop grooves. Basses: 44 instruments Stringed: 25 instrumentsDrums & Percussion: 53 instruments Synth Sounds: 70 instrumentsOrgans: 5 instruments Vocal Sounds: 4 instrumentsPianos: 21 instruments Winds & Brass: 11 instrumentsSound Effects: 21 instruments CDR-5 L.A. Riot 2 This hip-hop CD-ROM has everything you need to make the phattest, slammin’ hip-hop, rap, and acid jazz tracks is right here on this CD-ROM. Basses: 45 instruments Drum Loops: 10 instrumentsDope Trax 1 (75 – 93 bpm): 50 instruments Guitars: 17 instrumentsDope Trax 2 (93 – 113 bpm): 48 instruments Vocals & Effects: 26 instrumentsDrums: 11 instruments Greytsounds Volume 1: The Best of Everything Over 600 samples and instruments. When they say everything they do mean everything. 19 different drum machines. 18 models of organs and keyboards. 38 different synthesizer and sampler brands. Samples from all of the classic synthesizers. There are so many different synths represented it’s too big to list here, but you can see it here Full list of GreytSounds Instruments Rubber Chicken Sample Bank: Inexpensive Ensoniq Sounds Over 240MB of Beat Loops and synths – I think these are .wav, but they may be ASR format 1352 sounds Rubber Chicken Sampler Bank: More Inexpensive Ensoniq Sounds Synths, electric and acoustic guitars, rhythmand dance loops, From 3-D Sounds. I think this one is in ASR format. 421 sounds. Pro-Rec Ultimate CD This is an Akai format disc with over 1100 patches in all, 10 complete dance drum kits, and Pro-Rec’s entire original sample library for the AKAI S1000. SY85, D-70, D-50, 01/W, M1, Wavestation, JV-80, VINTAGE KEYS and more. …And many of these libraries sampled have been given 4 and 5 star reviews in the top magazines! Pro-Rec Synthsonic Another Akai format disc featuring over 500 patches taken from their BEST, Top Rated sounds for the Korg Trinity, 175 patches from the Roland JV-1080 and 160 patches from the Korg Z-184 powerful Synths, 207 fat Basses, 88 rich Pads, 66 sweeping Film & Ambient textures, 17 fat, all-new Drum Kits… and tons of other sounds, including Leads, Chiffs, EPs & Keys, Vocals & Choirs, Pianos, Perc, Strings & Organs. Spectrasonics Distorted Reality 2 This is an Akai format disc. Spinning metallic textures, singing oceans, vast amounts of unique loops (50-480 BPM!), crushing impacts, glorious pads, crystalline galaxies, subsonic low-end and the many joys of feedback only begin to describe the wonderful noises in this collection. Two disks with over 600 sounds. SOU A This is a five disk sample set and I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s from. I believe the samples are in Akai format. If you want an idea of all the various synthesizers and drum machines included in this collection of disks here is a breakdown: Akai VX 600Alesis S4E-mu EmulatorEnsoniq MirageEnsoniq ESQ-1Ensoniq SQ-80Ensoniq VFXFairlight CMIFairlight IIFairlight IIIOxford Syntesizer OSCarPeavy DPM3Roland Jupiter 8Roland D-50Roland D-70Roland JP-800Roland JV-80Roland JV-880Roland JV-1080Roland Juno 106Roland SH-101Roland JX-10Roland MMKS-50Roland TB-303Roland VSMinimoogPolymoogMemory MoogARPPPGKurzweil K250Kurzweil K1000Taurus PedalE-mu ModularRhodes ChromaOctave CatOberheim SEMOberheim OB-8Oberheim Matrix 12Oberheim XpanderSequential Circuits Prophet VSequential Cirtuits Prophet VSSequential Circuits Prophet 10Sequential Circuits Prophet T8Sequential Circuits Prophet 600Korg WavestationKorg DW-8000Korg M1Korg T3Korg M3RKorg 01/wKorg TrinityKorg Z1Waldorf MicrowaveYamaha DX-7Yamaha TX-802Yamaha TX-81ZYamaha SY77Yamaha SY85Yamaha SY99 Drum machines sampled: Akai XR-10Alesis HR-16Alesis HR-16BRoland TR-808Roland TR-909Roland TR-606Roland TR-626Roland TR-505Roland TR-707Roland TR-727Roland R8Roland CR78Drum KATSequential Circuits Studio 440Linn 9000Linn LinndrumLinn Linndrum 2SynclavierE-mu DrumulatorE-mu Drumulator 3E-mu SP12E-mu SP1200Oberheim DMXYamaha RX5Yamaha RX7Yamaha RY30 NOBODY is offering this amount of content and accessories to go with their ASR samplers. Unfortunately I do not have the packing materials to ship this out. I am only offering local pick up. If you really, really want this shipped maybe we can work something out, but please be aware it’s going to be very expensive. I will have to get an estimate from a local postal carrier on how much it will cost to ship, and last time I checked was over a year ago and it was going to cost over $100 just for the keyboard alone. Good luck and happy bidding!