Mpc 5000 W Odyssey Case W 192mb Ram Mint ConditionMpc 5000 W Odyssey Case W 192mb Ram Mint Condition

MPC5000 with EXTRAS… A great deal.( REDUCED ) NEW YEARS SPECIAL PRICE. I Would like to sell since I haven’t use it really. I purchased it in the hopes to transfer my songs from MPC2000xl Zip disks to the HDD but too much to do! So my loss and your gain! This is your one chance to get the MPC you have always wanted for a great price. BARELY HAD TIME TO USE IT. ZERO SCRATCHES. Thank you. >>>>>>>The Beast of Mpc’s…THE 5000! Includes the User Manuals (2), Power cords (2), USB cable (1), and the NEW Odyssey FZ DRC Flight Utility Road Travel Case ALSO NEW CONDITION. And Akai RAM upgrade bringing it to a nice 192mb! This Machine is beyond beautiful condition. Plastic still on the screen. NO finger prints on the thing. Everything Works like it should, like new. Internal Flash ROM has many Bass, Synth, Gritty Drum & Sample sounds to use. It’s a Beast for making Tracks. First MPC to come with a Built in Analog Synth, And an 8 track Hard disk Recorder!, And an easy to use Chop Shop 2.0. Internal 80gb Hard Disc Drive. CF Drive, USB drive. Has less than 12 hrs of operating use. AKAI RAM upgrade (EXM E3 128mb RAM- Paid $159.00) professionally installed at ThreeWave Music, plus Paid the $120 labor fee. Flight Case is really nice, built like a tank but never need to use it . It’s very light for any travel you might need to do, paid $175.00 (It’s new and included). Unit is dope as hell, Clean right out of the box. I didn’t get the CD/DVD drive and I do not have the Cardboard box so those 2 things will not be included but it’s as new as you will find. Also have an extra Power cable (white) I bought as an extra.So what’s included- 2 User Manuals, 2 power cords, Odyssey Flight Case, USB cable, 128mb RAM upgrade, and you piece of mind knowing you are purchasing an excellent machine.