Oberheim Dpx-1 Sampler Ensoniq Mirage Emulator Ii Prophet 2000 Mpc Akai S900Oberheim Dpx-1 Sampler Ensoniq Mirage Emulator Ii Prophet 2000 Mpc Akai S900

One of the best sample players out there. Only one that can play disks from Emulator Emu II, AKAI S900, Ensonic Mirage, Prophet 2002 and 2000.Uses 8 x SSM 2045 filters on the output – plays old samples with new life.These analog filter smooth out the digital artifacts that plague older samples. 1987 Oberheim released the DPX1, a 2-unit rackmount ‘Sample Player’ during the era of the classic samplers. Its function is to load 3.5″ and 5″ diskettes containing samples. These samples are loaded into its 1 MB of RAM from which you can play the samples using any MIDI keyboard, controller or sequencer. It was compatible with the E-mu Emulator II,Sequential Prophet 2000, 2002, 2002+, Ensoniq Mirage DSK8/DMS8 and the Akai S900 formats. You can’t really edit any of the samples, the DPX1 is simply a load-n-play machine. This machine worked the last time I played it. Today I powered it up, loaded a disc, and scrolled through the options just fine. Seems to work just as it did in the past. I do not have a midi controller to test the final output. It has a few scratches and ghost of a spray paint stencil on top panel. Should work fine but it is being sold As-is. No discs or power cord included.