Vintage E-mu Emax Sampler Keyboard W/ 90 Disc Library Dell Laptop & Emx SoftwareVintage E-mu Emax Sampler Keyboard W/ 90 Disc Library Dell Laptop & Emx Software

For sale is one E-Mu Systems EMax Sampling Keyboard, along with a 90 disc library, and Dell laptop loaded with the EMX and Omniflop software necessary to create new discs and convert files to E-Mu readable ones. The Keyboard is the original one (not the more common EMax II or Emax SE versions) and is in good shape for its age. It is fully 100% functional and sounds incredible. It has warm 16 bit samples thanks to an all-analog filter section. Drums sequenced via midi can get very close to having an SP-1200 quality to them. Cosmetically there are a couple tiny dings but nothing overly noticeable (see images). The laptop is fully functional and in good cosmetic condition aside from the missing “M” key (see images). The “M” still works, but the plastic cover has popped off and it’s impossible to reattach (I can include it if you’d like but trying to put it on will drive you insane). The reason this laptop was purchased as opposed to a newer one is that it runs Windows XP and has a functional 3.5″ floppy drive- both necessities for the EMX program to run (emulators and external floppy readers will not work). With this program one is able to load their own WAV samples and convert them to EM1 format, then put them to disc. This setup is all you need to create gritty hip-hop beats or authentically vintage sounding new-age tracks.