Creamware Minimax Asb Polyphonic Minimoog Emulation Synthesizer Creamware Minimax Asb Polyphonic Minimoog Emulation Synthesizer

Creamware MiniMax ASBThe ultimate virtual analog MiniMoog simulator!12 note polyphony!Control panel layout true to the original classic synth! Yes, this is the one . . . the virtual analog synth that is widely considered one of the best (if not the best) Minimoog clones ever produced. Google search the Minimax and check the reviews online . . . . by and large, you will find overwhelming praise for how closely this module captures the character of the classic Minimoog. I personally own several current and classic analog synths (including three Moogs), and this little beast really comes darn close to the original (I’ve also owned a number of virtual analogs, and this is the only one I’ve held on to over the years!). The control panel is laid out just like the original . . . a little smaller, but still plenty of room to manipulate the knobs. Two additional knobs handle velocity control of the two envelopes. The MiniMax also features dual digital FX processors to handle delay and modulation effects. Best of all, it’s 12 note polyphonic! In poly mode, this synth does a great job of emulating the sort of sounds that were capable on a Memory Moog. The unit is being sold as shown in the photos. Does not include original documentation, packaging, software disk, or original power supply. Unit includes a generic/universal power supply that functions perfectly. There are a few very minor nicks/blemishes on the wooden end caps and trim, but nothing very noticeable. Overall, it is in excellent cosmetic condition. I purchased this unit as a floor demo from an authorized dealer years ago, and I am the original and only owner. Used almost exclusively in my smoke free home studio, but I did use it on 4 gigs in 2010 with a Pink Floyd tribute (it sounds outstanding in a live setting . . . . really cut through on stage!). There is one very minor issue with the control panel. The Oscillator 1 octave range dial will sometimes not engage the 4′ setting when it is initially clicked into place. It sometimes requires you to turn the dial once to the left or right and then back again to the 4′ setting for that octave range to engage . . . a minor annoyance, but something that you should be aware of. The 4′ stop will always engage within a couple of clicks of the dial and all other positions engage correctly. All other knobs, buttons and switches function as they should. The only other issue I will sometimes experience with this unit is occasional stuck notes if I am playing while switching presets very quickly. Switching to another program will end the stuck notes. Considering how long I’ve owned this unit, I’m pretty sure it has one of the earlier OS versions . . . . but I don’t believe it to be the original OS as I cannot hear any noticeable stair-stepping when turning the knobs (a problem the initial production run of these units supposedly suffered from). Yes, I realize the Buy It Now price is quite high compared to what these units typically sell for on Ebay, but that’s because I’m in no rush to sell this terrific synth. If you want it, you’ll have to make me an offer I can’t refuse! :) Otherwise, I’ll happily continue to make use of it in my home studio. I’ve only posted it to Ebay on the outside chance that I can sell it for enough to finance the purchase of another piece of gear I have my eye on! Item will ship domestically via FedEx. Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and US territories subject to surcharge. Ships internationally through Ebay’s Global shipping program. I ship quickly upon receiving payment and item will be packed extremely well.