Korg Triton 61 Studio Sampler Workstation. 96 Megs Of Ram. Cd-r Korg Triton 61 Studio Sampler Workstation. 96 Megs Of Ram. Cd-r

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 This is a Korg Triton workstation Sampler. I have used this unit for years and love it, but time to move on. The unit has wear, but works fine and is upgraded to 96 megs of ram. It also has the CDR unit. Fun board. From the web… The Korg TRITON Studio 61-Key Workstation is the keyboard for the serious music producer. A super-fast processor delivers blazing touchscreen performance, direct to HD audio recording, audio CD burning, and much more. Includes 120 note polyphony, 48MB PCM ROM, 512 Programs/512 Combinations preloaded with room for thousands more. 2 powerful polyphonic arpeggiators, Open Sampling System, and a 16-track sequencer that also features 2 audio tracks, make it a powerhouse for inspiration and production. Accepts 7 PCM expansion boards, MOSS synth engine, up to 96MB of sample RAM and various digital I/O options. 61 synth-action keys. Built-in internal 20GB HD and CD drive! Features Lightning-fast CPUTouchView interface48MB PCM ROM61 synth-action keysBurn audio CDs right on the unit429 multisamples417 drum samplesPowerful polyphonic arpeggiators16MB stereo acoustic pianoRoom for up to 7 PCM expansion boardsExpands to 96MB of sample RAM1,536 program locations of user-writable memoryMono/stereo 16-bit sampling at 48kHzSampling in Program, Combination, and Sequencer modesInternal resampling/signal processing16MB onboard sampling RAMSample directly to the internal hard drive6 channels of audio I/ORealtime pattern play and recordingVersatile sequencing with extensive editing capabilities 1. Payment should be within 3 days. Things happen, just let me know. If you find you don’t want the item, please understand there is time and costs involved. An eBay “cancel transaction” process will need to be completed. 2. You can contact me directly if you call 952-826-9589. 3. This is business, but it should be fun too. I enjoy what I do and I hope that you enjoy working with me. 4. Other payment methods might work. Call me and let’s talk. 5. Prices are not set in stone, but I must make a profit (or I am out of business). If the item has been around a while, call me, we can work out a deal. 6. If paying by Paypal, it must be a confirmed address. I ship by paypal address, NOT eBay. Shipping 1. International Shipping is welcome. Please check with me for costs & payment types. Australia, Russia, and some other countries might be higher. 2. Shipping costs include packaging materials, fuel, time, and the actual shipping costs. I will combine shipping on multiple items. Please check with me for the amount of discount. 3. You may return the item for a refund if (a) The item isn’t in the described condition. (b) You send it back within 48 hours of receiving it. (c) It is in the condition I sent it to you. 4. I ship USPS. They are the safest. I will ship other means, but shipping costs will increase. 5. I pack very well, but sometimes damage occurs. If your item is damaged (a) Do not send it back. (b) Keep all the packing material. (c) Let me know ASAP. (d) I will contact the shipper and they will send somebody out to inspect the item.