Moog Polymoog KeyboardMoog Polymoog Keyboard

As is for parts or restoration

Moog Polymoog As-is For Parts or Restoration For sale is a Moog Polymoog that needs a lot of work. Cosmetically, it is in good condition, however the electronics will need work. Our shop has restored Polymoogs and we can say that it is a labor of love. They basically need to be rechipped, recapped, and the power supply must be replaced or rebuilt. This being said, we are happy to restore the unit to full working condition, but that would come at a significantly higher price than that we are asking in this auction. The unit has all of its polycon chips should you want to use it as your backup parts unit to keep a 203a running. What we know is that unless someone is willing to pay us our regular hourly repair rate, we aren’t fixing this one. Our loss is your gain. We have even included a new holographic Moog logo for the cover. For those interested in having the unit repaired and wanting to know what it might cost, it’s hard to know, but in our experience, these synths can take us up to a week to restore. The power supplies on these are usually failing in some way, and all of the parts in it are aged and need to be replaced. We usually opt to put in a modern linear supply to replace the old supply. The polymoog uses a Pratt Read mechanism similar to that found on the Odyssey, Minimoog etc. and the rubber key bushings are going to need to be replaced. The key contacts and velocity contacts in the key mechanism will also need a cleaning. (see our video about this here: click here) Once we have power and the keyboard is working correctly, we move on to the electronics. We need to see what else is wrong with the synth. Typically we replace the CMOS 4000 series and opamps on the voice preset boards and the upper boards. If there is a problem with the master oscillator board, we will need to address this before we can get any sound through the rest of the unit. In a typical Polymoog repair, there will be many sample and hold capacitors that have failed (there are 200+ in the whole synth. Some of the Polycon boards will usually need either a new poly chip or a capacitor will have failed. Getting to the sample and hold caps requires basically the entire synth to be out of the chassis in order to access this board, and we recommend replacing them all. If we replace 1, we still need to reassemble the whole synth before we can see if our repair even worked. The more times we assemble and disassemble, the more the project starts to cost. Since all of these caps are almost 40 years old, they have lived past their useful reliable lifetime and should be replaced. To see a gallery of a Polymoog 203a restoration we did, click here. To really do what needs to be done is a job that is only going to be worth it for a true Polymoog enthusiast. It is not cheap by any means. The last Polymoog we did took us over 40 hours to do at $100/hr. It’s a good project if you have the skills to do the work, but is one that we would only undertake if we were being paid for the project. This is not something that “just needs to be gone over by a tech for a couple hundred bucks”. The PM is a very cool vintage synth that sounds great. Its reputation for reliability problems is deserved. If one wants a fully functioning one, they are going to have to pay with either a bunch of time or money spent on the project. SHIPPING: The crate and packaging materials for this item was $66. Ebay shipping prices do not take in to consideration packaging materials, insurance, or the type of service used. If you are using Ebay’s international shipping program, Ebay will pay us a small sum to have the item shipped to their Pitney Bowes facility in KY. Typically 90% of the money in Ebay’s price calculator goes to Pitney Bowes, and the rest goes to us. This is usually not even enough to cover packaging a synth, let alone shipping it. Anyone that tells you they can ship a Polymoog for $50 is out to lunch or lying. Please don’t pay for the item until we can invoice you for the exact shipping amount, otherwise you will be creating an extra step. We are writing this so that people have an understanding of how Ebay shipping costs are calculated and why they are wrong. Ironically, Ebay has a fee for “high shipping prices”, which is like a tax on walking, because their calculator is always about 60% below actual shipping costs. We use a professional parcel company to do all of our shipping. We are synth specialists and we handle synths. We leave shipping to shipping specialists. For liability reasons, we must pay the parcel service to pack all items because their insurance only covers what they pack themselves. Obviously shipping antique synthesizers is risky business and not ideal. NEA cannot be held liable for the damages incurred every time that UPS drives a forklift through a Rhodes Chroma. (No joke, and it took 6 months for them to own up to the damages) Everything that we ship leaves our shop in the condition we say it’s in. We know that our reputation is staked on this always being the case. That being said, happy bidding..