Oberheim Dpx-1 Sample Player With Assorted DisksOberheim Dpx-1 Sample Player With Assorted Disks

Rack-In 1987 Oberheim released the DPX1, a 2-unit rackmount ‘Sample Player’ during the era of the classic samplers. Its function is to load 3.5″ and 5″ diskettes containing samples. These samples are loaded into its 1 MB of RAM from which you can play the samples using any MIDI keyboard, controller or sequencer. It was compatible with the E-mu Emulator II,Sequential Prophet 2000, 2002, 2002+, Ensoniq Mirage DSK8/DMS8 and the Akai S900 formats. You can’t really edit any of the samples, the DPX1 is simply a load-n-play machine. Included with this unit is a rare 22 disk collection of DPX-1 demo disks with the original holding case! See my other listing for a 240 disk collection of Emulator II sounds! Posted with eBay Mobile