Rare Kurzweil Rm4-26 Vintage Electric Piano Rom 4 K2600xs/k2661/k2600rs/k2600Rare Kurzweil Rm4-26 Vintage Electric Piano Rom 4 K2600xs/k2661/k2600rs/k2600

(RM4-26) Vintage Electric Piano ROM 4 8 MB of Vintage Electric Piano Sounds Added to Permanent Memory in the 600’s Bank Includes 100 New Programs and 40 Setups in ROM Plus 88 Additional Variations on Floppy Disks.The Vintage Electric Pianos ROM option adds the classic electric piano sounds that are vital to any modern keyboard player. While some electric piano sounds have remained obscure vintage gems, others have attained a level of importance to the keyboardist comparable to that which the Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul has for the modern guitarist. The instruments included in the ROM block are: Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Hohner Pianet, Yamaha CP-80 Electric Grand Piano, and the RMI Electra-Piano. Each program was created using high-quality audio samples of electric pianos as a starting point. The sounds were then processed using Kurzweil’s V.A.S.T. synthesis engine. This allowed us to apply powerful filters, velocity layers and cross-fades, envelopes and a host of other sound-sculpting tools. In some cases, samples from the K2600’s base-ROM were also used in combination with the Vintage EP’s samples in order to add a certain flavor or to enhance the harmonic content of the sound. The final stage of sound-shaping was done in KDFX, our massive effects processing engine. KDFX played a crucial role in making this a truly ground-breaking project, providing on-board effects unprecedented in both quantity and quality. Effects pedals, speaker cabinets, and recording techniques have all been faithfully replicated, giving the Vintage EP’s programs a level of detail and realism never before achieved in any electric piano emulation. Using V.A.S.T. and KDFX we were able to replicate the exact sounds from dozens of different live and studio recordings of electric pianos. For this reason, many of the program names in Vintage EPs are derived from song titles and not electric piano model numbers. Also, we have included a section devoted entirely to non-realistic sounds, “hybrids and synths,” where we transformed the Vintage EPs sound sources into a wide variety of sonic textures, ranging from slight mutations to completely unrecognizable new sounds. User installable for both K2600 and K2661 models. K2600 – ROM Block Daughter Board (RMB-26). – Version 3.xx (or better) of the K2600 OS – v1.01 (or better) of the K2600 Vintage Electric Piano ROM Objects File K2661 – Version 1.xx (or better) of the K2661 OS – v1.01 (or better) of the K2661 Vintage Electric Piano ROM Objects File Click here Audio Demo Page Auction Includes Kurzweil RM4-26 Vintage Electric Piano Sound ROM 4 Block & Floppy Disk.. Excellent Condition… I Ship Worldwide & Fast, so Everyone is Invited… Good Luck On Apr-16-07 at 16:11:38 PDT, seller added the following information: On Jun-25-08 at 14:18:54 PDT, seller added the following information: