Roland Xv 3080 Xv3080 Synth Module Good Condition WorldwideRoland Xv 3080 Xv3080 Synth Module Good Condition Worldwide

Roland XV 3080 Synth Module in good condition Up for auction is a Roland XV 3080 Synth Module in good condition.The item is in absolutely perfect working order.It functions and works 100% absolutely perfectly without any kinds of problems.It is in good condition cosmetically as well.The unit is 220V.I will send you a 220V power cable along with the item.No manual included.I have sold XV 3080s recently.This is another unit.Thanks. The XV-3080 is a 128-voice professional synthesizer that picks up where the classic JV-series synthesizers left off. With a massive 128 voices, the XV-3080 is capable of extensive layering and multitimbral applications! There are true stereo waveforms per tone, expressive Matrix Control, expandability via new 64MB SRX (when converted into 16-bit linear format). The sounds include those from the JV-2080 plus many more new sounds and waveforms from the JD-990 and Super JD.The XV-3080 has plenty of quality built-in digital effects including reverb and effects derived from Roland SRV-3030, V-Studios, and RSS technology. Programming the XV-3080 is in-depth but intuitive and well documented. There’s a Patch Finder for quickly finding sounds sorted by type, as found on the JV-2080. Programming the new Matrix Control gives sounds an unprecedented level of nuance! It is apparent that Roland has packed the most professional features from their hottest synthesizers into a new and improved workhorse module – their “most expressive instrument ever”! I will ship this worldwide via Post office express service (EMS) which normally gets to most countries fast once shipped.There could be a little delay to every country but it should not take too long.As soon as the item is shipped I will let you know the tracking number. I accept Paypal only for this auction. Because it is safe for both parties and it is convenient.My paypal account works totally fine.But if you really would like to get this and you can not use paypal please contact me before the auction ends.You may contact me if you have any sorts of questions regarding anything. Please only bid if you intend to pay for the item.No dead bidders please.Non paying bidders will be reported to Ebay for collection of the auction fee. I appreciate your time and energy.Thanks a lot.