Waldorf Xt 30 Voice Rare Mint ConditionWaldorf Xt 30 Voice Rare Mint Condition

Up for auction is this RARE 30 Voice Waldorf XT synthesizer. It has slight wear on none visible areas (edges). It has a great cosmetic condition. Version up to date. This little beast can generate some fat bass, pads and even lead sounds. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Here is some info and description on it (source Vintagesynth.com)Good Luck and Happy Bidding The Microwave XT is a great big orange polyphonic rackmount synthesizer. While combining the power of the Wave and the compact design of Waldorf’s Microwave II, the XT adds a bit of knob-laden heaven. At first glance the top section completely resembles the 2-space rackmount version of the Microwave II. And then there are three more rack-spaces full of knobs and lots of knobs means lots of control.The Synthesizer engine is relatively the same as the Microwave II and Wave synths that came before it. Digital wavetable synthesis and FM synthesis in which there are 64 waves that are mixed and combined into new sounds. The Microwave XT can easily emulate the sounds of the PPG wavetable synths as well as create squelchy acid-303 lines or boomy Moog bass. Also onboard is a nice arpeggiator, digital effects and more. The Microwave XT is definitely a powerful rackmount synth that can generate some highly unique and quality sounds. It is used by Nine Inch Nails, Danny Tenaglia, Underworld, Astral Projection, The Crystal Method, Mirwais, and Cirrus.