Roland MKS-70 Super JX analog synth module in very good conditionRoland MKS-70 Super JX analog synth module in very good condition

All functions behaving properly. Sound is pure, display screen is clear. Cosmetically in nice shape, especially for a unit made in ’86. Minor blemishes are displayed in photos, including a scar on the face of the “D” function button, some wear on the top corner of the left rack ear and scratches on the top plate. .The firmware version for this unit is 1.08, which is the final Roland upgrade. The 64 loaded presets are one of three purchased banks from Kid Nepro (with perhaps some minor editing.) The factory presets, plus hundreds of others, are readily available via sysex upload (it takes just a few seconds). I will gladly provide my sound library of about a dozen patch banks to the buyer as well as a pdf of the user’s guide if contacted by email. I will put my email address on the outside of the shipping box.Compare this pricing to the infrequent listings found on ebay or at Should be a bargain for someone here unless the auction gets hot. Good luck if bidding, and I look forward to further communication to assist the buyer.