Very Nice Vintage ENSONIQ VFX Keyboard/Synthesizer With CartridgeVery Nice Vintage ENSONIQ VFX Keyboard/Synthesizer With Cartridge

This synth is in excellent condition PRICED TO SELL!The VFX has 21 voices of polyphony. A single patch can containup to 6 of 109 waves in its ROM memory that can be combined and layered.Advanced and analog-like synth parameters including its dual multi-mode digitalfilters, three 11-stage envelopes, LFO, and 15 modulation sources allow you tofurther shape and morph your sounds. There’s even a built-in 24-bit VLSI dualeffects processor with reverb, chorus, flanging, and delay.TheVFX has a standard 61-note keyboard with velocity and polyphonic aftertouch.The synth also has full MIDI implementation with 12 channels for multitimbralfunctions. The VFX has a cartridge port as well, for storing sounds ontoEnsoniq’s proprietary media.Polyphony – 21voicesOscillators – 1 to 6per voice. Wavetable has 109 waveforms (multi-sampled acoustic instruments,sustained waveforms, harmonic and inharmonic structures)LFO – 1 LFOFilter – Dualmulti-mode digital filters; High- and Low-Pass with 12 or 24 dB/Oct. Band-passfilter with 12 dB/Oct.Envelopes – 311-stage envelopesSequencer – (VFX-SDonly) 24-track, 25,000 note capacity (expandable to 75,000), 60 songs andsequences, 96 PPQN quantization resolutionEffects – 24-bitDual VLSI Multi-Effects: reverb, chorus, flanging, and delayKeyboard – 61 keys(velocity and polyphonic aftertouch)Memory – VFX:120 patches, 12 performances VFX-SD: Over 200 patches, 3.5″ disk drive for external loading and storageof sounds, sequences, songs, MIDI SysEx and VFX-SD sequencer Operating System.Control – MIDIIN/OUT/THRU (12-channel multitimbral)Date Produced – 1989