If you’re looking for an amazing synth that can fully integrate with your legacy products as well as keep up with your work flow in any state of the art DAW, this is the synth for you. Fully functional, comes with original user manual and in almost unused condition. Happy biddingTechnobuyer84Workstation Inspiration: the Yamaha MOX6The powerful Yamaha MOX6 synth workstation serves up serious music firepower in an affordable, lightweight package. Armed with the entire sound set from Yamaha’s flagship Motif XS, MOX6 gives you Yamaha’s expressive synth-weighted 61-key keyboard, a potent MIDI controller with extensive DAW and VST control, a multichannel USB audio interface with comprehensive computer connectivity, fast and capable onboard sequencing, a plethora of arpeggiators, boatloads of awesome-sounding effects, and a muscular software bundle. If you need a complete composer’s toolkit and a superb performance machine, you’ll find the Yamaha MOX6 downright inspirational.Yamaha MOX6 61-key Synth Workstation at a Glance:Never run out of sounds againRediscover the music software you already loveAwesome effects to spice up your musicNever run out of sounds againMOX6 packs the MOTIF XS soundset in its entirety – 1,270 sounds – including Yamaha’s revered Concert Grand Piano! Create vintage analog and modern digital synth sounds using MOX6’s 8-element Voices, 18 filter types, and exhaustive effects section. MOX6 gives you access to all the sounds you need for live performance and music production in a dizzying array of styles.Rediscover the music software you already loveFusing Yamaha’s MOTIF technology with USB computer integration, MOX6 brings world-class MOTIF music production to a new generation of artists. A single USB cable lets you fully integrate both audio and MIDI with your Mac or PC. With MOX6, you’ll find new creative uses for your favorite music software. (A 48-track version of Steinberg’s Cubase AI software is included.)Awesome effects to spice up your musicMOX6 boasts a broad selection of effects for both the internal sounds and for use with the A/D inputs. MOX6 gives you access to the same effects found in Yamaha’s professional digital recording consoles, and also includes the award-winning “REV-X” reverb, so you can polish your vocals and instruments with tasty ambiance.Yamaha MOX6 61-key Synth Workstation Features:An amazing workstation with a massive soundset and computer connectivityMore than 256 Performances to spark your musical inspirationExpressive synth-weighted 61-key keyboardVirtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) effects6,720 arpeggiator patterns and 4-part interactive arpeggio engineComprehensive sequencer (including step recording)Built-in 4-in/2-out USB Audio/MIDI interfaceBundled with YC-3B Organ Emulator soft synth, Prologue analog synth, and Cubase AIAdvanced Integration with Mac/PC