Please, after bidding on this item check out my other items for more gear from Western Electric, JBL, Altec, Langevin, RCA, and many others. I will always combine shipping to save you money.______________________ Vintage Collins212H-1Remote AmplifierThis is a solid state 3 channel amp. I received this from a engineer of the local radio station in Youngstown Ohio who had worked for many local stations for over 50 years. From the 1966 Collins Catalog The only one of its kind on the market with so many advanced and deluxe features, the Collins 212H -1 is a three channel remote amplifier that provides adequate facilities for most remote applications. The 212H -1 is transistorized throughout and is built into a highly punishable thermoplastic and vinyl -clad aluminum case. A handle is mounted on the rear chassis to allow quick and easy handling between remote locations. A snap -on cover of durable thermoplastic protects the panel, controls and VU meter. The unit is completely self- contained and operates from REMOTE AUDIO fourteen 1.5 volt flashlight batteries. These batteries supply power to the amplifier for about 200 hours. The supply is interlocked with the headphone jack so that the unit requires headphones to be plugged in before it becomes operational. The VU meter indicates remaining battery voltage. A built -in phono equalizer on two of three channels provides instantaneous switching between two phonos and a microphone, or between three microphones. A built -in multiple tone generator allows a quick response check of the remote line or provides a standby tone of 100, 1000 or 5000 cps. Sure -grip thumb wheels 21/4″ wide indicate volume input control by a diagonally mov- ing white stripe. Frequency Response: ±3 db 50- 15,000 cps (1000 cps reference at + 8 dbm output) . Gain: 90 db nominal on mike input. Output: Line – Normal, + 8 VU ( + 18 dbm) into 600 ohms; Low, 0 VU ( + 10 dbm) into 600 ohms; Bridge – -40 dbm into 250 ohms. Power Source: Self- contained batteries – twelve 1.5 v flashlight batteries for amplifier and two 1.5 v batteries for meter light. Distortion: 2% maximum 50- 15,000 cps + 18 dbm output. Noise: -115 dbm equivalent input noise or less ( -55 dbm input, -60 db noise) . Inputs: One: Two: Three: a. Unbalanced mike. b. Phono, equalized for magnetic car- tridge. a. Low impedance balanced mike. b. Self- contained. tone generator. a. Unbalanced mike. b. Phono, equalized for magnetic car- tridge. Output Connectors: a. Program line, binding terminal posts. b. Bridge feed, male Cannon connector. c. Program monitor, headphone jack. Size: 10″ W, 41/2″ H, 12″ D (25.4 cm W, 11.43 cm H, 30.48 cm D) . Weight: 11 lbs. (4.99 kg) . Color: Green, white and gray. Port No. 522 2419 00 I do not know when the last time it was used. It looks complete as you can see with the photos with the covers off. Untested for functionality. being offered at a low Buy It Now. Please see all 12 photos provided. Being offered for parts or repair. It is untested, looks complete, and is as-is, as found with no returns. All vintage electronics should be thoroughly checked by a qualified professional before power and use. Seller is not responsible for any damage or injury this may cause to equipment, property or health. Shipping will be calculated to your location for a very well packed and extra insulated package. International buyers welcome. Please see the shipping calculator for shipping to your country. International buyers please know I will not put a lower value on customs forms for any reason. This will be very well packed and extra insulated for the trip. Full value insurance is included to the USA. No shipping to Italy or Mainland China. Being offered at a low Buy it Now.