DBX II  Model 128  vintage noise reduction systemDBX II  Model 128  vintage noise reduction system

From my uncle’s estate collection.   He was a chemical engineer and scientist who enjoyed assembling high quality audio systems.  He took meticulous care of his electronics.  To date I have sold over a dozen of his electronics including clocks, radios, HP calculators, etc and have had nothing but positive responses on the cleanliness and condition of these items.   This DBX II Model 128 was a part of his circa 1970s assemblage.  When he replaced it with a newer system, he just stored the older components.    This system is visually very attractive with no scratches or dents in the exterior.   Powers up nicely with the red indicator light.  All buttons appear to be responsive and dials turn smoothly.   I have not tested it as a part of a larger system. My low listing price is based on that fact and because I’m selling it “as is” as a part of his estate with no returns.