Eventide Omnipressor 2830 Vintage needs serviceEventide Omnipressor 2830 Vintage needs service

This guy works, I suppose. All the knobs do things to varying degrees. But the audio level drops when the unit is put into Operation via the “Engage” button, out is fully bypassed and audio runs clean through.The gain boost does stuff but seemingly in the distance, like the real reduction effect is not loud enough.maybe in the side-chain? but the manual doesn’t say it’s supposed to be like that. It might need a tuneup, I don’t have the tools.I’ve had this unit since the 90’s and never got it up to speed. The unit is for auction in the condition shown in the pictures and described above. This is weird vintage audio and it needs some work, but it’s the real deal.If you’ve been looking for one of these rare units now is your chance, especially if you are a tech or know one.The manual pdf is available online and has the tuneup procedure inside. unit sold as-is. no returns.S/N 760594