Fairchild Studio Amplifier Compressor Limiter Line Amp Attenuator Org Manual LotFairchild Studio Amplifier Compressor Limiter Line Amp Attenuator Org Manual Lot

Up for auction here is a collection of 17 (seventeen) Fairchild Studio Amplifiers, Compressors, Limiters, Line Amps, Attenuators Manuals from the 1960’s. These were the first of Fairchild’s foray into the world of solid state electronics after their iconic tube compressor era. They all contain full schematics. They are all in very good condition for their age. There are a couple very light pencile marks on one or two. Opening bid for all 17 manuals is only $39.99. These are rare. This is a World Wide Auction. Thanks for looking. The models covered are: Fairchild Amplifier Card Model 692AA & 692AA/TXI Fairchild Integra Series Model 692 DAT (Duel 661 Autoten) Fairchild Double Amplifier Cards Model 692AD & 692AD/TXI Fairchild Double Cue Amplifier Card Model 692DCA Fairchild Distribution Amplifier Model DA15/8 Instruction Manual Model 692 OSC Test Oscillator Card Fairchild Steroe Phono Preamplifier Card Model 692SPA Instruction Manual Model 870 70 Watt Amplifier High to Low Impedance Converter Card Model 692 HLIC-4 Fairchild Lumiten Series Rotary Stereo Attenuator Model 669ST Fairchild Equalizer Card and Control Panel 692EQ 692EQ/ST (inductor equalizer) Fairchild Mixing Card Model 692 MNNL Fairchild Power Supply Model 667II (18 – 24 +- supply) Fairchild Compressor Card w/ Remote Control Model 692AGC Fairchild Preamp/Attenuator/Switcher Card 692B & 692B/TXI Fairchild Dual Amplifier Card Model 692LA-30 (High Level) Fairchild Double Attenuator Card w/ Four Switches Models 692C, 692D-1, 692D-2 I am thinning out the VintageWindings Pro Audio manual collection. Over the next several months I will be listing _many_ original, mostly vintage Pro Audio and Radio manuals, promos etc.. Please check back from time to time as the listings will be ongoing. Thank You!