Fantastic 1930's Art Deco Dynamic Microphone - Electro-Voice or TurnerFantastic 1930's Art Deco Dynamic Microphone - Electro-Voice or Turner

Fantastic 1930’s Art Deco Dynamic Microphone – Electro-Voice or Turner This auction is brought to you by people who care, for people who care. If you’re looking at this item, it means that you are interested in it. Me too! I try to sell things that are special, please enjoy your visit and purchase. There are two ways to purchase merchandise from me: 1. ‘Buy it now or best offer’ 2. At open auction Items are initially listed with a ‘buy it now or best offer’, giving you a great opportunity to negotiate directly with me and acquire fresh inventory. If the item does not sell after the first week, I will usually relist it in an open auction format, starting at $1, with no reserve. Bargain hunters may wish to compete with other buyers in this format. Please scroll down for more pictures, and good luck! *Return Policy – Due to a recent change to eBay’s selling platform, I have set this listing to no returns. My policy is, and always has been, that I will accept a return if an item is not as described. This would mean that I have missed an important descriptor, or an item was damaged during shipping. I go to great lengths to describe my items accurately, and if something is sold as working, I will make sure it is working well. Please do not bid if you do not intend to keep the item. On my end, I will try hard to keep you as a returning customer, and make it easy for you to leave a positive feedback.*Pricing and listing priority – Please note that due to eBay’s high fees, this is often the last venue in which I list. Pricing in this venue also reflects the fee that is charged to sell here. This mic actually does work well, and sounds quite good. The mic is in incredible condition, with original crackled grey paint mostly perfect, and a chrome grille. The mic comes as pictured, without connector. I believe it is an EV, or possibly a Turner. Comments are welcome. Other audio items available: RCA 44-A ribbon microphoneNeumann CMV-5/B bottle microphoneSchaal restored Neumann CMV3A bottle microphonePair of 1947/48 Maihak B-V 30a tube microphones – Neumann M49 prototype with Hiller tube Capps CM-2001 tube condenser w/ PSUPair MINT SK-46’s, with one original RCA display boxMINT 74B in black and chrome from Jerry Sylvia’s collectionMINT MI-4010 in crackle greyMINT and really nice sounding VeracousticPair of Telefunken branded blue boxes for the Schoeps CM-200/201Pair of N.O.S. Neumann Z-19 goosenecks with 1963 tags Terms:Weekly shipping is on Wednesday (please try to make payment prior). For Canadian shipping, please inquire, I have offices in Champlain NY, and Montreal, Quebec.Payment by Paypal. Payment is to be received by seller in 3 days following close of auction. Weekly shipping upon receipt of payment. Picture(s) are of actual item(s) auctioned. Refund less shipping if item is not as described (5 day inspection period).Please visit my other auctions for a selection of recently acquired musical instruments and cameras.**Movie Alert** Please tune into a number of ‘Jazz, Period.’ installments, which feature horns from my business in the hands of great artists. Al McLean and Kevin Dean take up a number of vintage saxophones and trumpets in my ongoing video exploration of the Montreal Jazz community. Some horns you will see and hear are a 1944 Martin Handcraft Committee trumpet, three vintage Selmer Mark VI saxes (tenor, alto and soprano), gold plated Buescher Big B alto and Besson flugelhorn, a unique full body engraved Martin C Melody, and a gorgeous Conn Artist Special cornet dating to 1940 Visit my YouTube page to view over 100 films about Jazz, many with vintage mics. Another auction from Randy Cole Powered by eBay Turbo Lister