GEM Vintage 40's SHURE Brothers 5B Ring Spring Microphone w/Period-Correct StandGEM Vintage 40's SHURE Brothers 5B Ring Spring Microphone w/Period-Correct Stand

I will NOT have this around LONG Price will be CUT to sell FAST Buy with PEACE OF MIND–I Guarantee Your Satisfaction I Ship out 5 Days A week This is a very nice example of this Vintage SHURE BROTHERS 5B Spring Microphone in a Period correct standCloth cable is excellent and quite long Im not certain, but it looks like the stand is made of copper? I can see it coming through in spots where the lovely, black wrinkle paint has worn The Mic and Stand are all original and look amazing! NO Rust, dust or oxidation on the stand or microphone (there is some rust on the likely-original springs) NO Dents or dingsNO Missing pieces I am NOT really all that familiar with vintage microphones…. So I will CUT the price on this AGGRESSIVELY to make it sell off QUICKLY I plan on discounting it over $100-200 in the next week to make this MOVE— WATCH ME Satisfaction Guaranteed 100% This will be PROPERLY boxed up and shipped out FAST I will let my feedback do the talking… I operate with a CUSTOMERS ALWAYS RIGHT policy and it has worked out quite well for my and my buyers over the years… I am NOT like the other guys out there that will take a NEGATIVE feedback once in a while vs making it right with an issue… I will STRIVE to ship this out SAME DAY, VERY well packed NO annoying signature requirement (unless you think it is best)