Lexicon 224X Digital Reverberator with LARCLexicon 224X Digital Reverberator with LARC

Lexicon 224X Digital Reverberator in Great Condition! This is a classic reverb! I still love it! It still sounds better to me than the UAD version, but offline rendering has become a big part of my workflow! So I want someone else to use it and enjoy it! A fan inside the device died at one point, causing one of the boards to overheat, so I had it repaired by Jim Fabiano from Natick, Massachusetts, one of the original engineers of the 224!!!! So if you open it up and it doesn’t look the same as other ones, that’s why; the fan was replaced at that time, and one of the boards as well Works amazing! Sounds even better! Comes with power cables and the 9pin cable for the LARC