RCA 44 BX MicrophoneRCA 44 BX Microphone

Completely Restored – Pristine Condition

As sparkling as brand new. This stunning 44 BX has been totally restored by one of the best audio techs in the US. Everything that could be done, has been. From the original mic stand to all new chrome plating, it is in showroom condition and sounds as wonderful as it looks. It has even been tested on a nationwide talk radio program to test it out. What you see is what you get. Whether you use it at work or as a piece of art, this mic always draws compliments. We use an identical 44 BX full-time for a Mon-Fri nationally-syndicated talk show. We have two…44s and only need one. Over $4,500 has been invested in this one and the sound is fabulous whether in Voice or Music setting. These mics are still in regular use all over the world today. Will be shipped in a special zippered carrying case designed specifically for the 44 BX…and then double-boxed on top of that. We will transport it to our UPS store and you can take it from there.