Sennheiser MD421, excelent vintage 60´s studio mic, TOP sound! Sennheiser MD421, excelent vintage 60´s studio mic, TOP sound!

The mic is in great shape with a brilliant sound! Check my feedbacks (all for old mics) here and on (see nick smichoff AT centrum DOT cz) and buy with confidence! If I say it sounds great then it really does. See my 100% feedback profile (all for vintage mics) and buy with confidence. Great optical and working condition. High quality German microphone made 60´s. EXCELLENT SOUND! Comes with not original but useful holder.It was HN (high impedance) version and I rewired it to standard 200 Ohm N version. Bass attenuator works as usual. It has a DIN (small Tuchel) output connector. If you need I can sell you DIN – XLR adapter cable for additional 17 USD.This is a real classic and classy cardioid mic. Great nearly for everything – acoustic guitar, guitar amp, vocals, drums and percussion (able to handle high SPL), cajon…I collect and repair old mics so swap for some other interesting old microphone or parts welcomed. For example I am looking for AKG C12 switchbox called AKG S12 or U12 (even empty shell) and connectors! Shipping and Payment:Varies by buyer’s location. Examples: Economy shipping Germany – USD12, U.S.A. – USD 28. Other countries please asks for quote before bidding! SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Czech republic where I live is member of EU.