Siemens wsw LIM 601/433 Compressor LimitersSiemens wsw LIM 601/433 Compressor Limiters

Up for sale is a pair of vintage WSW Siemens 601433 limiter / compressor / booster. The caps were replaced a few years back and it was calibrated. Tested – working. Used with some normal age related wear. Killer sounding compressor / limiter, no artifacts, very transparent, clean and open fat sound. They were intended for broadcast I believe, so they were designed to sound flawless. The bass is super punchy and defined. They are fairly brick wallish so I used them on guitar bus to create an impenetrable barrage of guitar. I’ve also used them on room mics. The threshold detents are fairly broad which makes gain staging important. For this reason I eventually started using them in parallel. Great fast compression for huge drum sounds and great in a “rear bus” setup. If you push them, you get some nice transistor hair that makes them perfect in a parallel application. I’ve been completely in the box lately so it’s time to thin the herd. There is a bent corner on one of them where the paint has chipped a bit. This has no effect on performance. They come with a Power One supply mounted in an old Radio Shack project box and edge card connecters with pigtails attached. Plug and play. As these are vintage, they are sold AS IS with no warranty.