Sony AC-148A Microphone Phantom Power Supply.  (Vintage) Sony AC-148A Microphone Phantom Power Supply.  (Vintage)

Sony AC-148A phantom supply. This came stock with several vintage Sony condenser mics, supplying 49v, according to the back panel. I can’t test for actual specs, but It definitely powers standard studio condenser mics on both channels, and passes audio. I don’t know if the side port works, as I don’t understand what that’s there for. ## NOTE: the side-port security cover is there, and functional. On every other of these I’ve seen over the years, that cover is gone, so maybe that will be important to you. Aesthetically it’s in pretty good shape, but there’s definitely a little overall patina on all the metal. Also, as you can see, some areas of the front lettering is rubbed away. One side-screw is missing, as is one XLR screw. One of the front XLR input jacks appears to be a replacement, as it has less patina than the other three. The chromed handle hardware looks pretty good, but has some tiny pin-holes in it.