Spectra Sonics 110a 4 ch mic preamplifier mic pre spectrasonics stax zepSpectra Sonics 110a 4 ch mic preamplifier mic pre spectrasonics stax zep

Near consecutive serial # cards & orig. transformers!

Spectra Sonics 110A/110 4 channel Microphone Preamplifier If bidding, package will not be shipped until after sept. 12th. THANK YOU!PLEASE NOTE: The last three 4 channel Spectra Sonics units I offered for sale were sold on ebay very shortly after being posted, with a Best Offer very close to the Buy It Now price. Comment from buyer of last unit, a world class studio owner- “I used your pre’s today on Electric guitar… wow they were killer!! Used an old rca 44 and a u47… Great sounds man!! Recent comment on last listing (from a different ebay user)- “I just wanted to compliment you on doing a gorgeous job on these, you did it right and then some. Whoever buys them is getting a hell of a deal, and you can post this to your listing if you like, I’d stand behind that work all day.” r*******k (134) 100.0% Positive FeedbackMember since May-28-01 in United StatesLocation: KS, United States I will convert to 110A for an extra $100 for 1-2 cards. An extremely rare piece of music and recording history. The brainchild of engineer, inventor, distinguished and notable American, William G. Dilley, (who later went on to develop aerospace technology for the United States govt/military) Spectra Sonics was used at STAX / VOLT, Ardent Studios, Record Plant Studio A and has captured artists from Otis Redding and Led Zeppelin to The Black Keys. These units were famous in their day for having 5x less distortion than their competitors! They are by no means a “retro” only preamp, and use a completely different circuit than Neve/Api/Electrodyne that allowed for greater performance specs. What truly sets the circuit apart from the rest is its ability to handle fast transients. A cymbals initial attack, the click of a bass drum, the crack of a snare, a guitar pick hitting the strings, etc., cannot be as accurately processed by slower circuits without distortion that continues to affect the signal even after the initial transient occurs! Naturally, this distortion, or lack thereof in the case of the Spectra Sonics circuit, has an accumulative effect when multiple tracks are added together in a mix. Many SS users of 40 plus years still find them to be the cleanest and most quiet around. Unlike the 101, the 110/A use +/-24v to achieve better headroom. They will add depth and warmth to any style of music while providing a remarkable signal to noise ratio. When pushed hard, they exhibit a unique overload / limiting characteristic that can be very useful, especially for drums. While there is very slight variation in frequency response from one card to the next, the character and functionality of each is the same; dynamic, tight, present, open, warm, focused, clear and shimmering top end, colorful overall but not veiled or saturated. This unit contains original Spectra Sonics 110A (2) and 110 (2) preamplifier cards, and was painstakingly racked with the highest quality components. If you search the forums, you will find claims of users paying techs $1500 to rack up a single pair of channels, reporting that it was worth every penny! Brand new ultra low noise JLM Audio PSU and toroid transformer. Highest quality, tightly matched low noise metal film resistors used throughout. Each channel has phantom power and a custom 4 way pad (6/18/24/30db) that allows for optimal matching between microphone and input transformer and maintains correct impedance at all steps. The cards are all original with the exception of the electrolytic capacitors, which should be replaced after years of use. The 110 are 1 serial number apart, the 110A are very close. They are in stunning physical condition. Case sides and top have been shielded with EMI foil. Stainless steel faceplate. The units are currently set at maximum recommended gain of 55db. Gain can be adjusted via a feedback resistor on each card. What separates this unit from the very few others I have seen over the years in forums and for sale is that it has been wired up for optimal performance, as intended by the creators of the circuit. All components and connections are properly terminated, as per information from a former Spectra Sonics employee who installed consoles in many world class studios and was tutored by William G. Dilley himself. Among others things, this very unique circuit requires a different grounding scheme than commonly used in audio gear. While there is information online that provides some pinout information, in years of searching I have still not been able to find the correct information that he has provided. All channels utilize Triad a67j input transformers, channels 1-2 use Triad HS56 (+20dbm 10-30khz) output transformers and channels 3-4 use UTC A20 (+15dbm 10-50khz matching serial numbers). The UTC were present as output transformers in a large Spectra Sonics console that is owned by a member of a forum I belong to. It is preferred by some to the legendary HS56, which is more commonly found in SS gear. They sound similar and appear so in frequency response; if I remember correctly, there is a 1/4 db dip in one at 12khz and the other at 10khz, otherwise they are both +/- 1db 20-20k. There are a few light scratches and nicks under the XLR jacks from where the holes were drilled. These are small metal work blunders by me, not manufacturing defects, but are unnoticeable from a few feet away. These are very hard to part with. I recently acquired parts of a small mixer and have decided to sell a few extra racked channels and keep a few others for myself. Currently I am focusing on tv/film library music and I find myself needing a larger array of microphones and recording instruments more than this many channels of something this rare and valuable. They will surely make the ideal conversation piece / bragging point for any studio. They are priced less than advertised by other boutique online sellers and are a fraction of the price of the reissue! Please feel free to contact me with any questions! This item will be packaged professionally and insured. Please see my feedback rating and recent positive feedback! I have recently sold a Spectra Sonics 110 4 channel Microphone Preamplifier ($2999), a Spectra Sonics 110A 4 channel Microphone Preamplifier ($2999)and an Electrodyne 610LSEQ pair of vintage equalizers ($2899) and have sold many rare audiophile tubes and vintage components to 100% satisfied customers. PAYPAL PAYMENT MUST BE COMPLETE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF AUCTIONS END…NO EXCEPTIONS.If you are bidding on another item and want to wait, you must contact me within 48 hours. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS please contact me for a shipping quote before bidding! I cannot be responsible for items shipped 1st class international. International buyers must ship with priority mail. THANK YOU! I offer combined shipping discounts on multiple purchases, depending on size of item and package size. Most tubes and small components can be combined into one package for the price of one standard shipping charge. If you need an exact quote on combined shipping, please contact me before bidding. Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE I guarantee all items to be exactly as described. Returns may be accepted only if an item arrives significantly not as described, 14 days after receipt. Damages incurred by misuse, mishandling, user error or faulty equipment are not covered by this guarantee. Buyer must contact me before returning any items and must receive a return authorization before return shipping. If a return authorization is granted, buyer must pay return shipping. 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