Tascam MM-1 Vintage 20-Channel Keyboard Mixer - Original power supply+rack earsTascam MM-1 Vintage 20-Channel Keyboard Mixer - Original power supply+rack ears

Tascam MM-1 Vintage 20-Channel Keyboard Mixer. Rack ears and original power supply included! Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. This one is in great shape. Very vibey tones. TASCAM MM1 Rackmounting 20:2 line mixer with MIDI muting Though launched way back in 1989, this MIDI-equipped 20:2 keyboard mixer is still in production, a fact which would tend to indicate its popularity. It’s a rackmounting unit which could also be used on a table top, housing 16 mono input channels and four stereo channels. Trim pots are used to adjust the sensitivity to cope with both line and mic level inputs while the EQ is a simple Treble and Bass affair, offering cut or boost of 12dB at 10kHz and 100Hz. The MM1 offers four effects sends with stereo returns and does not have phantom power. What set the MM1 aside at the time of its launch, and still does to an extent, is the provision of a MIDI muting facility at such a low price, which allows the user to store 99 MIDI muting ‘scenes’ on board the mixer. Programming of scenes is straightforward, and they can also be edited. The MM1’s MIDI out connection also means that mute sequences can be recorded into a MIDI sequencer to provide another way of automating mutes via MIDI, without using scenes. The MM1 is a clean, quiet unit most obviously suited to keyboard mixing, but its facilities also make it useful as a general-purpose submixer, with applications in sound reinforcement and recording.